Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 120 - BEST OF 2018!

CLIP SHOW! CLIP SHOW! This year’s “Best Of” includes discussions about Justin Johnson and his high school sports career (02:45), Aarik Danielsen and adoption and fatherhood (12:25), Rebecca Kite and her gigging cover band in undergrad (25:35), Andrea Venet studying for the Eastman Comps with Ron Swanson’s help (40:50), Andrés Espinoza being considered “Latino” upon living in the United States (50:10), David Grubb attending the National Association of Black Journalists conventions (01:03:15), John W. Parks IV on the 2016 PAS International Percussion Ensemble Competition (01:13:25), Adam Hopper on beating cancer (01:29:10), and Cara Wildman on work/life balance after studying in Ireland (01:37:30).

Finishing with one of Pete’s favorite Raves for the year: attending a live taping of the Slate Political Gabfest in St. Louis (01:53:00).

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Justin Johnson

Aarik Danielsen

Rebecca Kite

Andrea Venet

Andrés Espinoza

David Grubb

John W. Parks IV

Adam Hopper

Cara Wildman