Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 160 - Chelsea Tinsler Jones

University of Tennessee-Martin Lecturer of Music and Percussion and Aural Skills Professor Chelsea Tinsler Jones stops by to talk about her various responsibilities at UTM and nerding out on Music Theory (02:00), her work with Khemia Ensemble and SteelWorks (19:00), growing up (mostly) in Las Vegas (33:20), going to the Hartt School of Music (CT) for undergrad and learning how to drive in the snow (47:30), heading to the University of Michigan for her Master’s (01:02:30), teaching Instrumental Music for one year before heading to TN (01:11:45) and finishing up with the Random Ass Questions (01:21:45).

Finishing with a Rave on Hitsville: The Making of Motown (01:40:45).


Chelsea Tinsler Jones’ UTM page

Khemia Ensemble

Shane Jones

Julie Hill

“Don’t Know Why” - Norah Jones

“Somewhere” and “Maria” from West Side Story

“Yeah!” - Usher and Lil’ Jon

“My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music

“7 Rings” - Ariana Grande

Mizzou International Composers Festival

Alarm Will Sound


Kyle Dunleavy

Paducah Symphony

Blue Man Group

Syncopation for the Modern Drummer - Ted Reed

The New Breed - Gary Chester

Advanced Funk Studies - Rick Latham

Ben Toth

Jonathan Ovalle

Joe Gramley

“Stop Speaking” - Andy Akiho

Jane the Virgin

The Great British Bake Off

From the Corner of the Oval - Beck Dorey-Stein

Armchair Expert

So You Think You Can Dance


Hitsville: The Making of Motown

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 159 - Shane Jones

University of Tennessee-Martin Percussion Director Shane Jones stops by to talk about his percussion responsibilities there (02:00), his work with Khemia Ensemble and other assorted percussion activities (26:30), growing up in Las Vegas, buying a drumset through the classifieds, and the performing arts magnet high school he attended (38:45), attending the Hartt School of Music (CT) for undergrad (01:04:30), Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (OH) for his master’s (01:18:45), freelancing in Cincinnati after his master’s before doing the doctorate at the University of Michigan (01:29:30), and finishing with the Random Ass Questions (01:46:20).

Finishing with a Rave on an Odyssey Series Concert in Columbia, MO (02:09:15).


Shane Jones’ UTM page

Shane Jones’ homepage

Khemia Ensemble

Chelsea Tinsley Jones

Julie Hill

Stefan Freund

Phillip Sink

Constellation Chicago

COMP Festival

Mizzou International Composers Festival


Ned Ray McWherter Institute

Bill Waterman

Carolina Heredia

Bret Bohman

Emma O’Halloran

Joanna Goldstein

Once On This Island

The Elegant Universe - Brian Greene

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Carl Sagan

Ben Toth

David MacBride

Gene Koshinski

Tim Broscious

Bill Solomon

Shane Shanahan

“Marimba Spiritual” - Minoru Miki

“Dances of Earth and Fire” - Peter Klatzow

“She is Asleep” - John Cage

CCM Percussion

Camp Washington’s Chili

Next to Normal

“Mirage” - Yasuo Sueyoshi

“Percussionist Songs” - Christian Wolff

“Knockin’ On Wood” - Red Norvo

Dan Piccolo

Jonathan Ovalle

Joseph Gramley

“Six Japanese Gardens” - Kaija Saariaho

Liam Teague

Dumb and Dumber trailer

Kill Bill Vol. 1 trailer

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson

Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi


Odyssey Chamber Music Series

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 158 - Karli Viña

Florida International University Percussion Professor Karli Viña stops by to talk about all of her regular teaching and freelancing percussion work (03:00), her co-hosting of the @Percussion Podcast and the nature of podcasting in general (27:45), growing up in Arkansas and New Hampshire, playing drumset to Green Day and her high school volleyball career (41:40), going to the University of Maryland for undergrad (01:01:10), Boston Conservatory (MA) for her Master’s (01:08:30), The University of Miami (FL) for her Doctorate (01:22:00), and talks about teaching, Women in Percussion and various other topics in the Random Ass Questions (01:36:15).

Finishing with a Rave on seeing Ozomatli live in performance (02:08:40).


Karli Viña’s website

Ben Charles

Casey Cangelosi

@Percussion Podcast

Megan Arns

Laurel Black

Neil Grover

Jonathan Haas

Bill Shaltis

Brian Nozny

James Campbell

Warning - Green Day

“Songs I-IX” - Stuart Saunders Smith

John Tafoya

Rebecca Kite

Three Moves - Paul Lansky

Percussion Concerto - Darius Milhaud

“Set-Up Music” - Maurice Wright

“Saëta” - Elliot Carter

“March” - Elliot Carter

Keith Aleo

John Grimes

Nancy Zeltsman

Sam Solomon

Sonata No. 1 in G Minor - J. S. Bach

“To The Earth” - Frederick Rzewski

“Triple Jump” - Kenji Bunch

“Impressions” - Nicolas Martynciow

Matthew Strauss

Svet Stoyanov

“Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics” - Ben Wahlund

“In a Landscape” - John Cage

“For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” - Simon and Garfunkel

“Overs” - Simon and Garfunkel

“Sketches in Color” - Robert Starer

Intermediate Snare Drum Studies - Mitchell Peters

The Empire Strikes Back trailer

Attack of the Clones trailer

James Rodriguez highlights

“Aphasia” - Mark Applebaum

“Kontakte” - Karlheinz Stockhausen

Silence - John Cage


Ozomatli - “After Party”

Marching Mizzou’s STL Blues show

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 157 - Alexandros Fragiskatos

Missouri Valley College Percussion Professor, Instrumental Educator and Theory Professor Alexandros Fragiskatos stops by to talk about his current gig (02:00), growing up near Akron, Ohio and his love of Progressive Rock (17:15), going to Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (OH) for undergrad (26:45), getting his Master’s at the University of Akron (42:15), taking a year off of school before moving to Arizona State for his DMA (01:01:45), and taking on the Random Ass Questions (01:22:45).

Finishing with a Rave on the NPR Podcast Code Switch (01:46:00).


Alex Fragiskatos’s website

Alex Fragiskatos’s Missouri Valley page

Lake Erie

“A Change of Seasons” - Dream Theater

“2112” - Rush

“Two Mexican Dances” - Gordon Stout

Percussion Group Cincinnati

Music For Prague 1968 - Karel Husa

“The Source” - Toshi Ichiyanagi

“Rebonds A/B” - Iannis Xenakis

“Marimba Phase” - Steve Reich

“Octopus’s Garden” - The Beatles

“Eleanor Rigby” - The Beatles

Larry Snider

Bernard Woma

Liam Teague

Blossom Music Center

Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

“The Planets” - Gustav Holst

“Also Sprach Zarathusa” - Richard Wagner

Cliff Alexis

“A Day in the Life” - The Beatles

“Short and Sweet” - Lennox “Boogsie” Sharp

“Rogosanti” - James Wood

“Cloud Polyphonies” - James Wood

“Once Removed” - John Fitz Rogers

J.B. Smith

Julie Hill

“Ripple” - Akira Miyoshi

“She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket” - Kevin Asanga

“In Common” - Stuart Saunders Smith

Book of Keyboards - Philippe Manourey

“Monodrame I” - Yoshihisa Taira

“To The Earth” - Frederick Rzewski

“Mundus Canis” - George Crumb

“Idyll for the Misbegotten” - George Crumb

“Peeping Tom” - Dan Senn

“Six Elegies Dancing” - Jennifer Stasack

Moby-Dick - Herman Melville

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

David Foster Wallace

Pulp Fiction trailer

Grand Piano trailer

The Watts Prophets

Gil Scott-Heron

The Last Poets

“Alright” - Kendrick Lamar

“Middle Child” - J. Cole

“C. R. E. A. M.” - Wu-Tang Clan

“Hot Shower” - Chance the Rapper


Code Switch podcast

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 156 - Douglas Cardwell

New Mexico Philharmonic Principal Timpanist Douglas Cardwell stops by to talk about his orchestral happenings (01:45), private teaching, working at the University of New Mexico, gigging, and living in New Mexico (17:00), being an African-American in the mostly white orchestral world (30:00), growing up in central Virginia and his background in sports (43:30), his undergrad at James Madison University (VA) Master’s at Rice University (TX), and his professional career in Detroit (01:02:30), and takes time for the Random Ass Questions (01:23:30).

Finishing with a Rave on the film On Her Shoulders (01:34:50).


Douglas Cardwell’s homepage

Douglas Cardwell’s Pearl Drums page

Douglas Cardwell’s New Mexico Philharmonic page

“So What” - Miles Davis

“My Favorite Things” - John Coltrane

Jazz Suite No. 2 - Dmitri Shostakovich

Scott Ney

Spoleto Festival

TImothy K. Adams, Jr.

African-American Orchestral Percussionists

Sphinx Organization

Daisy Newman

The National Orchestra Institute

National Repertory Orchestra

“Shout it Out Loud” - KISS

“Gimme All Your Lovin’” - ZZ Top

“Jump” - Van Halen

“Tom Sawyer” - Rush

“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” - Temptations

Sal Rabbio

Bill Rice

Tony Falcone

Alan Abel

Richard Brown

Brian Del Signore

John H. Beck

Neeme Järvi

Kung Fu Panda trailer

King Kong (2005) trailer

Federer-Djokovic 2019 Wimbledon Final

Langston Hughes

Lao Tzu


On Her Shoulders trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 155 - Alix Porembski

Instrumental Educator, Percussionist, Arts Manager, and Multi-Language Translator Alix Porembski stops by to talk about living and working in Poland and her work as a liner-note translator (01:30), growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, learning percussion from many sources, and her basketball career (23:30), attending the University of Houston (TX) for undergrad and her extended arts interests (36:20), her years as an Arts Administrator in Chicago and getting her Master’s (47:30), moving to Poland and creating a career there (01:03:00), and sticks around for the Random Ass Questions (01:13:40).

Finishing with a Rave on the 1984 classic Splash (01:34:00).


Alix Porembski’s Linked-In Page

Mike Krzyzewski

“Django” - Modern Jazz Quartet

Justin Preece

Troy Hall

Drew Lang

Michael Jordan Career Highlights

Dallas Cowboys

Shaun Tilburg

Blake Wilkins

Cort McClaren

“Ilijas” - N. J. Zivkovic

“Concerto for Percussion” - Darius Milhaud

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Warsaw Podcast

Roma trailer

Latino USA podcast

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

“Your Song” - Elton John

“Third Construction” - John Cage

The Five Year Engagement trailer

It’s Complicated trailer

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure trailer

Fast & Furious trailer

Listen to This - Alex Ross

The Rest is Noise - Alex Ross

Speaking Of Podcast


Splash trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 154 - Jauvon Gilliam

Timpanist for the National Symphony Orchestra and University of Maryland Percussion Professor Jauvon Gilliam talks about his current percussion duties and owning Capitol Percussion Backline Rentals (04:30), being an orchestral percussionist who’s African-American (29:40), growing up in Gary, Indiana, his basketball background and attending the 1988 NBA All-Star weekend (37:15), going to Butler University (IN) for undergrad and his Arts Administration background (50:45), his year of Master’s Work in Cleveland and his years in Winnipeg (01:01:00), and finishes with the Random Ass Questions (01:20:45).

Finishing with Raves on Lizzo and Missy Elliott (01:33:15).


Jauvon Gilliam’s University of Maryland page

Jauvon Gilliam’s Innovative Percussion page

Jauvon Gilliam’s Sabian Cymbals page

Jauvon Gilliam’s 2014 profile

Victoria Sparks

Andrea Brown

Capitol Percussion

Lee Hinkle

Eric Shin

Kennedy Center Expansion

2019 Kennedy Center Honorees

African-American Orchestral Percussionists

Teddy Hall, Jr.

Joe W. Moore III

Timothy K. Adams, Jr.

Richard Weiner

“Concertino for Marimba” - Paul Creston

14 Modern Snare Solos - John Pratt

Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin

Concerto in F - George Gershwin

1988 NBA Dunk Contest

Jim McMahon

Karl Malone

Moses Malone

Jon Crabiel

Winnipeg Jets

Paul Yancich

Dwayne Haskins

Alex Smith

Bryce Harper

Bradley Beal

Coming to America trailer

Hugo trailer

“All Night Long” - Lionel Richie

“Upside Down” - Diana Ross

Gerry Brown


Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert

Missy Elliot’s VMA Performance

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 153 - Matthew Geiger

Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU) Percussion Professor Matthew Geiger talks about the ETSU job, training music majors and recruiting in the Appalachian Valley (05:20), teaching part-time at Morehead State (KY) and getting the job at ETSU (33:40), growing up in Indianapolis, learning piano, and playing decent golf (50:20), going to the University of Kentucky for undergrad (01:09:45), going to Michigan for the Master’s before heading back to Kentucky for the DMA (01:25:45), and finishes with the Random Ass Questions (01:44:30).

Finishing with a Rave on the documentary Somm (02:05:00).


Matthew Geiger’s website

Matthew Geiger’s ETSU page

Matthew Geiger’s Innovative Percussion page

Matthew Geiger’s Yamaha page

Rande Sanderbeck

Francisco Perez

Logan Ball

Joe Moore

Cardioid Microphone


Dave Gerhart

Julie Hill

Tennessee Promise

Brian Mason

Jonathan Sharp

Michael Haithcock

James Campbell

Brian Nozny

Michael Udow

Joseph Gramley

Jonathan Ovalle

Erwin Mueller

“Tom Sawyer” - Rush

Omar Carmenates

Players First - John Calipari

The Rest is Noise - Alex Ross

Listen to This - Alex Ross

Freakonomics podcast

Grit - Angela Duckworth

Peak - Anders Ericcson

“Old Town Road” - Lil Nas X

2012 Kentucky Basketball Championship

Billy Gillespie

Symphony No. 1 - Gustav Mahler

“Bless the Broken Road” - Rascal Flatts


Somm trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 152 - Sarah Thawer

Toronto-based drumset player and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Thawer talks about her current percussion acitivites and her thoughts on being a woman in the drumset world (02:50), growing up in Toronto with a bandleader father, lots of instruments in the house and a large Indian community in Canada (20:00), her early YouTube days and studying at York University in Toronto for undergrad (34:10), the opening years of her freelancing career and leading her own band (52:15) and her takes on the Random Ass Questions (59:30).

Finishing with a Rave on Chris Herren: The First Day (01:14:05).


Sarah Thawer’s Instagram page

Sarah Thawer Drum Magazine profile

Sarah Thawer and Friends


Sheila E. Drum Solo

Emmanuelle Caplette

Cindy Blackman Santana

Toronto Raptors win 2019 NBA Championship

“Swagism” - Ghost-Note

“Don’t Know Why” - Norah Jones

York University (Canada) Music

A.R. Rahman

Larnell Lewis

“Shofukan” - Snarky Puppy

Toy Story 4 trailer

Scary Movie trailer

Jay Shetty


Chris Herren

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 151 - Brianna Trainor

2019 Mizzou Master’s in Percussion Graduate  Brianna Trainor stops by to talk about the 2 recitals she gave this year (01:50), going to Ghana in 2018 (18:20), her experience with the New Music Ensemble at Mizzou and the idea of supporting other musicians (26:25), working as Personnel Manager with the Missouri Summer Symphony and upcoming work (38:05), growing up in Wisconsin and her musical influences (46:10), going to Wisconsin-Stevens Point for undergrad (01:06:00), moving to Chicago to work for Third Coast Percussion (01:20:40), and finishing with the Random Ass Questions (01:37:30).

Finishing with a Rave on frequent guest David Grubb and his new Radio Show (01:50:20).


Brianna Trainor’s bio

Mizzou New Music Ensemble

Hannah Hutchins

Juan José R. Calvo

“Spider Walk” - Marta Ptaszynska

Chen Yi

“Faded Lines” - Andrea Venet

Andrea Venet

“Head to Toe” - Molly Joyce

Mike Truesdell

Megan Arns

Jennifer Higdon

Nancy Zeltsman

“The mirror in the shoe store that you use…” - Susan Powell

Andrew Mahonen

Carrie Magin

Angelica Negron

Nathan Daughtrey

“Impromptu” - William May

Dagbe Cultural Institute

Bernard Woma

So Percussion

The Contemporary Percussionist - Michael Udow

“Cold Pressed” - David Hollinden

Third Coast Percussion

Flat Water Percussion Trio

CHannel2 Percussion Duo

Niko Schroeder

Mikkel Christensen


Missouri Symphony Society

Columbia Civic Orchestra


Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps

Urban Olive & Vine

“A Terrible Beauty” - Roger Braun

“Psappha” - Iannis Xenakis

“Bone Alphabet” - Brian Ferneyhough

“Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra” - Alvin Lucier

Ryan Korb

Adam Rappel

Brian Baldauff

Dancer in the Dark trailer

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Nirvana

“Alive” - Pearl Jam

“Lovesong” - The Cure

“Motorcrash” - The Sugarcubes

“The Clampdown” - The Clash

“Just Can’t Get Enough” - Depeche Mode

“Holiday in Cambodia” - Dead Kennedys

“Hunter” - Björk

“Runs in the Family” - Amanda Palmer

Mike Patton

Michael Colgrass

John Zorn

Paul Draper

“The So-Called Laws of Nature” - David Lang

Marina Abramovic

Keiko Abe

Neil Gaiman

Rebecca McDaniel

What We Do in the Shadows trailer


David Grubb’s appearances on the podcast in 2016, 2017, and 2018

Hard in the Paint AM 1280

David Grubb’s Go Fund Me page

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 150 - Julie Hill (Part 2)

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 149 - Julie Hill (Part 1)

Part 1 with University of Tennessee-Martin Music Department Chair Julie Hill, as she talks about getting the percussion job there, further building the program and her chair responsibilities (03:00), being a member of the Caixa Trio as well as other ensembles (33:00), growing up in Martin, TN (43:00), her undergrad years at UT-Martin and going to LHS’s Summer Marimba Seminar (55:20), and a brief note about her time at Arizona State for her Master’s (01:13:20).

Finishing with a Rave on the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco (01:20:10).


Julie Hill’s UT-Martin page

Julie Hill’s Innovative Percussion page

Julie Hill’s RowLoff page

Julie Davila

Amy Smith

Caixa Trio

Shane Jones

Chelsea Tinsler Jones

James Campbell

J.B. Smith


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Colin Hill

Eric Willie

Andy Bliss

Chris Hanning

Julia Gaines

Jeff Moore

Thom Hasenpflug

James Moyer

Rich Holly

Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System - Raoul Arreola

Lalo Davila

Ji Hye Jung

Dan Piccolo

Gregg Allman

LH Stevens Summer Marimba Seminar

“Rhythm Song” - Paul Smadbeck

“Four Movements for Marimba” - Michael Burritt

Jim Petercsak


The Last Black Man in San Francisco trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 148 - Juan José R. Calvo (Part 2)

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 147 - Juan José R. Calvo (Part 1)

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 146 - Suz Paulinski

Creator and Owner of The Rock/Star Advocate and host of the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast Suz Paulinski talks about the beginnings of her current role as a Mindset Coach and some of the changes in the Music Business Market (02:10), how The Rock/Star Advocate has progressed over the years and creating a Music Conference last minute (20:50), hosting her podcast (42:40), growing up in Queens, NY (49:10), going to Drexel University (PA) for Music Business (59:00), the beginnings of her career with many record labels and working as a paralegal (01:11:40), and takes the time for some Random Ass Questions (01:32:45).

Finishing with Raves on A League of Their Own and The Inventor (01:49:00).


The Rock/Star Advocate

The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast

Mad Dragon Music

Music Industry at Drexel

Atlantic Records

Warner Brothers Records

EMI Records


Lil’ Kim goes to prison

Ol’Dirty Bastard

Tower Records

Sam Goody

Virgin Megastores


360 deal

Sync Summit

Marimba - Pete Zambito

Amy Winehouse


Bethenny Frankel

Amy Porterfield

Marie Forleo

Noble Steed Music

DIY Musician Conference


Scott Doucet

Belmont Park

Total Request Live

Mickey Mouse Club

Titanic trailer

Jim Klein

Performing Rights Organizations

Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Matt Duke

Tricia O’Keefe

“Shut Up Bitch” - Lil’ Kim

Corina Corina

The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

A League of Their Own trailer

Crossroads trailer

Mariska Hargitay

Law and Order: SVU

The Good Wife



The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley trailer

The Handmaid’s Tale trailer


A League of Their Own trailer

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 145 - Victor Caccese

Sandbox Percussion Group founder and member Victor Caccese talks about all things Sandbox Percussion (01:40), growing up near Philadelphia, his Italian and Brazilian roots, and his soccer and golf career (27:35), his undergrad years at Peabody Conservatory (MD), studying with Bob Van Sice, and the “Peabody Curse” (52:30), continuing to study with Van Sice at Yale University (CT) for his Master’s and the greatness of New Haven pizza (01:14:10), and takes time for the Random Ass Questions (01:27:40).

Finishing with a Rave on the 2019 movie Rocketman (01:48:45).


Victor Caccese’s homepage

Sandbox Percussion

Ian Rosenbaum

Jonny Allen

Terry Sweeney

Sandbox Percussion Seminar

Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion - Bela Bartok

Bob Van Sice

Fractured Atlas

So Percussion

Jason Treuting

Third Coast Percussion

String Theory in Chattanooga

Inuksuit - John Luther Adams

“Pieces of Wood” - Steve Reich

“Drumming” - Steve Reich

“Pillar IV” - Andy Akiho

“Goldbeater’s Skin” - Christopher Cerrone

The Dwight School

Sandbox Percussion Spring Benefit

Super Bowl LII

Harvey Mason

Antonio Sanchez

Philly Joe Jones

Gene Krupa

Buddy Rich

Art Blakey

Glen Oaks Country Club

Bethpage Black Course

Rickie Fowler

Amadinda Percussion Group

NEXUS Percussion

Percussion Group Cincinnati

Les Percussions de Stasbourg

Gwen Dease

Ji Hye Jung

Svet Stoyanov

Todd Meehan

The Percussion Collective

Michael Burritt

Threads - Paul Lansky

“Village Burial with Fire” - James Wood

“Rogosanti” - James Wood

Martin Bresnick

Aaron Kernis

David Lang

Julia Wolfe

“Rebonds A/B” - Iannis Xenakis

“Khan Variations” - Alejandro Viñao

“Three Moves” - Paul Lansky

Pepe’s Pizza

Sally’s Apizza

“Cloud-Polyphonies” - James Wood

Garrett Arney

It’s a Wonderful Life trailer

Once Upon a Time in the West trailer

Super Bowl XXXIX

Super Bowl XV

Germany over Brazil 7-1 2014 World Cup

Neymar wins Gold Medal for Brazil at 2016 Olympics

Ben Wallace

Mark DeChiazza


Rocketman trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 144 - Sarah Hagan

Zildjian and Vic Firth Director of Artist Relations for Drumset Sarah Hagan talks about her job and regularly attending PASIC and NAMM (01:40), being on the PAS Exec Board and women in the percussion industry (14:10), growing up on the Massachusetts coast, classic rock music, sports and her high school cover band “Scarecrow” (23:40), going to Stonehill College (MA) for undergrad and her beginnings at Zildjian (47:50), and takes the time for some Random Ass Questions (55:00).

Finishing with a Rave on the 2019 movie Booksmart (01:23:35).


Sarah Hagan’s Instagram

Sarah Hagan’s Zildjian press announcement

Steve Gadd

Keith Carlock

Marco Minnemann

Thomas Pridgen

John Blackwell

Benny Greb

“Don’t Stop” - Fleetwood Mac

“Stairway to Heaven” - Led Zeppelin

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” - Crowded House

Juels Thomas

My Cousin VInny courtoom scene

My Cousin Vinny positraction scene

“It’s My Party” - Lesley Gore

“It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry” - Lesley Gore

“Blue” - Joni Mitchell

“Walk This Way” - Aerosmith

“Greased Lightning” - Grease

“Black Hole Sun” - Soundgarden

Matt Chamberlain

Matt Cameron

Buddy Rich

Gene Krupa

Art Ensemble of Chicago

“Scarecrow” - Ministry

“Enter Sandman” - Metallica

“Would?” - Alice in Chains

“Alive” - Pearl Jam

Fred Astaire’s Drum Solo

Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk at the 1996 Tony’s

Armand Zildjian

Roy Haynes

Avengers: Endgame trailer

The Highwaymen trailer

Natural Born Killers trailer

Aurora Borealis

Machu Picchu

Galápagos Islands

“46 and 2” - Tool

Neil Larrivee

Yankees-Red Sox rivalry

Zildjian Underground - Nate Smith

La Sagrada Familia


Booksmart trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 143 - Thom Hasenpflug

Idaho State University Percussion Professor and Music Department Chair Thom Hasenpflug talks about getting the job there and the challenges of recruiting to his school (03:05), taking on the chair position (with a brief NY sports interlude) (22:30, growing up in Duchess County, NY, and more about living and working in the American West (45:00), going to Ithaca College (NY) for his undergrad and master’s and the idea of “Percussion Trees” (01:02:30), studying with Doug Walter for his doctorate at UC-Boulder and his “get-a-job” period (01:18:45), and takes time for the Random Ass Questions (01:31:50).

Finishing with a Rave on the benefits of Travel (01:42:15).


Thom Hasenpflug’s homepage

Thom Hasenpflug’s Idaho State page

Thom Hasenpflug’s C.Alan page

Jeannine Remy

Stephens Performing Arts Center (ID)

Blood, Sweat and Tears

2000 World Series (Yankees-Mets)

1990s New York Knicks

MacKenzie River Pizza

Andrew Hasenpflug

Sun Valley (ID)

Ketchum (ID)

Jackson Hole (WY)

John H. Beck

Michael Burritt

Thomas Burritt

Steven Schick

Michael Udow

WarGames trailer

Doug Walter

Gordon Stout

Alan Abel

Charles Owen

Mike Truesdell

Doug Perkins

Bonnie Whiting

“Astral Dance” - Gordon Stout

“Four Movements for Marimba” - Michael Burritt

“October Night” - Michael Burritt

Bill Molenhof

“For The Gap” - Thom Hasenpflug

Porgy and Bess xylophone part

Airplane! trailer

Amadeus trailer

The Thing (1982) trailer

Out of Sight trailer

The Hobbit trailer

World War Z trailer

Zero Hour! trailer

Signs trailer

“Ghost Riders in the Sky” - Riders in the Sky

Nighthawks - Edward Hopper

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 142 - Hannah Hutchins

Recent Mizzou Master’s in Percussion graduate Hannah Hutchins stops by to talk about her recent recital and her involvement at Mizzou (02:00), growing up in Missoula, MT, the wide open west and her high school goth period (21:50), getting her undergrad at the University of Montana (44:15), the Mizzou Master’s and studying in Ghana in 2018 (01:09:10), and finishes off with the Random Ass Questions (01:26:15).

Finishing with a Rave on the classic film Gladiator (01:45:00).


Mizzou New Music Ensemble

Megan Arns

“Guun” - Valerie Naranjo

Jerome Balsab and Bernard Woma on Gyil

Saakumu Dance Troupe

“Homage to Noncarrow” - Alejandro Viñao

“Canaries” - Elliott Carter

“Gender of Metal” - Casey Cangelosi

“See Ya Thursday” - Steve Mackey

“Chant” - Liam Teague


Emerging Artists Concert

Matt Sharrock

Glacier National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Jeff Brandt

Vancore Marimbas

“Medicate” - AFI

“Bring Me to Life” - Evanescence

Robert LedBetter

Ed Soph

Modern School for Mallet and Keyboard Instruments - Morris Goldenberg

Fundamental Method for Mallets - Mitchell Peters

“Romantica” - Katarzyna Mycka, performer

“Diabolic Variations” - Raymond Helble

“Concertare” - Raymond Helble

“Duo Chopinesque” - Michael Hennagin

“Sugaria” - Eric Sammut

“Velocities” - Joseph Schwantner

Casey Cangelosi

@ Percussion Podcast

Jeremiah Rittel

Khemia Ensemble

Across the Grain

Quey Percussion Duo

Dagara Music Center

Gilmore Girls

Napoleon Dynamite trailer

Mandy trailer

Rails to Trails

The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer

The Royal Tenenbaums trailer

The Victor Wooten Trio

The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music - Victor Wooten


Gladiator trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 141 - Frank Chapple

Keller SD (TX) Percussion Director and author of The Packet Frank Chapple stops by to talk about his school job, program and facility, and the changing motivations of his teaching (01:45), the development of The Packet and his other writing for percussion (29:25), growing up in an army family and living in Maryland, Texas, Louisiana, and Thailand (43:15), attending Northwestern State (LA) and Northern Illinois for undergrad and his beginnings as a teacher (59:20), and handles the Random Ass Questions (01:17:00).

Finishing with a Rave on the book The Disaster Artist (01:40:25).


Chapple Percussion Consulting

The Packet

The Musical Parking Lot

Marty Hurley

Phantom Regiment

Jeff Prosperie

Troy Breaux

Jason Baker

Rich Holly

Robert Chappell

Liam Teague

Four Movements for Marimba - Michael Burritt

Star Wars - A New Hope trailer

Tony Dorsett

Cowboys Doomsday Poster

Patrick Ewing

Knicks-Bulls 1990s rivalry

Dirk Nowitzki

Dak Prescott

Ezekiel Elliott

Greg Hardy

Jerry Jones

Emmitt Smith

Harry Bosch

Jack Reacher

Stephen King


The Disaster Artist - Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell