Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 101 - Andrés Espinoza

University of La Verne (CA) Music History and Percussion Professor Andrés Espinoza talks about his current teaching and performing activities (01:40), being considered Latinx upon arriving in the U.S.A. (11:45), his dissertation on Salsa Music (23:40), the 2016 PASIC Race Panel he participated in (30:20), his years as an adjunct teacher in New England (37:25), growing up in Chile and the arts and music scene there (48:00), doing his first undergrad degree in performance in Cuba (01:03:00), his second undergrad in Jazz Composition at Berklee (01:13:10), his Master’s in Jazz Studies in the United Kingdom (01:21:15), and takes the time for Random Ass Questions (01:28:20).

Finishing with a Rave on the book Attempting Normal (01:40:15).


Andrés Espinoza's La Verne page

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Neeraj Mehta

Marvin Sparks, Jr.

Michael Taylor

Augusto Pinochet

"Show Me Your Soul" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Argentine Rock

"Cuando Pase El Temblor" - Soda Stereo

"Rock Box" - Run D.M.C.

"Fight the Power" - Public Enemy

Chilean Hip Hop

"El Juego Verdadero" - Tiro de Gracia

"Contact" - The Police

"Xiomara" - Irakere

"Margaritaville" - Jimmy Buffet

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Attempting Normal - Marc Maron