Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 102 - Abby Rehard

Current FSU Ethnomusicology Ph.D student and Pete’s former co-worker Abby Rehard talks about her interests in Ethnomusicology, along with her years at Northern Illinois and her former Mizzou work duties (04:20), growing up in Macon (MO) and her time doing quiz bowl, high hurdles, and reading (31:45), her Mizzou undergrad years (58:55), her thoughts on women in percussion (01:07:40), and settles in for Random Ass Questions (01:23:20).

Finishing with an Appreciation of the late, great Aretha Franklin (01:44:20).


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"Women in Percussion" - Meghan Aube

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"Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson

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Aretha Franklin and piano