Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 115 - Adam Hopper

Creator and Owner of Online Percussion Literature Store and Director of Percussion at Southwestern High School in Kentucky Adam Hopper talks about his current percussion teaching, performing and writing responsibilities (05:20), The BeatBachs Model (27:10), growing up in Kentucky and beating cancer as a child (42:15), going to Campbellsville University (KY) for undergrad (59:05), getting started in teaching and his master’s degree (01:11:00), and settles in for the Random Ass Questions (01:30:25).

Finishing with a Rave on Pete’s Percussion Podcast Guests and Fans (01:51:55).


Adam Hopper’s website

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“Blade” - Benjamin Finley

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“Sweet Little Jesus Boy” - arr. Adam Hopper

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“Meditation No. 2” - Casey Cangelosi

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