Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 30 - Brandon Arvay

Centre College Percussion Professor Brandon Arvay talks about his upcoming timpani pedaling book (03:00), his workload doing multiple percussion jobs (17:20), growing up in Columbia, SC, with an extended take on the TV Show “Live P.D.”(48:05), connections to the city of Pittsburgh and the Steelers (57:00), going to University of South Carolina and dealing with Hootie and the Blowfish and Steve Spurrier’s water (01:13:50), Colorado State’s football stadium (01:24:45), some thoughts on spending money on education (01:27:15), Jim Campbell’s podcast and book suggestions (01:37:00), and his experiences in the Colorado State percussion program (01:40:50).  He then gets subjected to some Random-Ass Questions (01:46:25).

Closing with a rave on the documentary “The Music of Strangers” (02:03:10).


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