Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 78 - Josh Smith

Lexington (KY) area freelance percussionist and music publisher Josh Smith talks about his career right now (01:35), his long-time job at Bethel University (TN) (06:50), Tennessee's abundance of pecan trees (15:00), working at Tennessee-Martin and the grad school mentality on jobs (22:00), growing up in Kentucky (among many other places) (27:30), his love of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and skateboarding (32:30), going to the University of Kentucky for undergrad (41:10), his four years of teaching high school band near Louisville (55:26), doing a master's (and an adjunct teaching year) at James Madison University (VA) (01:01:00), finishing up the doctorate at North Texas (01:11:00), and tolerates the Random-Ass Questions (01:29:40).

Finishing with a Rave on "Harry Potter: Live in Concert" (01:35:15).


Josh's homepage

Ox and Lamb Percussion Publications

Tony Delk

Steve Reich

Johanna Beyer

Ivan Trevino

James Campbell

Bill Rice

In A Gadda Da Vida - Iron Butterfly

Carmine Appice

"Wipe Out" - Surfaris

Led Zeppelin IV

"Shout at the Devil" - Motley Crue

BMG Music

J. Geils Band

Van Halen 1984

Metallica ...And Justice for All

"Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" - Primus

Guns N' Roses

Cavaliers DCI

Glenn Kotche

John Philip Sousa

Dan Moore

Frank Kumor

Marcus Reddick

Michael Gould

Josh Dekaney

"Caritas" - Michael Burritt

5 Cirandas Brasileiras - Ney Rosauro

"Bongo-0" - Roberto Sierra

Kenyon Williams

Brandon Arvay

Marlon Foster

Cort McClaren

"Recital Suite for Djembe" - B. Michael Williams

Concerto No. 2 for Marimba - Ney Rosauro

"Homage to Max" - Rande Sanderbeck

"Astral Dance" - Gordon Stout

"Variations on Japanese Children's Songs" - Keiko Abe

UNT Percussion Faculty

Eugene Corporon

Dennis Fisher

"Piacer d'amore" - Keiko Abe

"Shadow Chasers" - Michael Burritt

"Mourning Dove Sonnet" - Christopher Deane

"Rhythmic Gradation" - T. Ichiyanagi

"Bodhran Dance" - B. Michael Williams

"Third Construction" - John Cage

1996 Kentucky Championship

"Thriller" - Michael Jackson

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Harry Potter in Concert