Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 90 - Ryan Patterson

2018 Mizzou Master of Music Percussion Graduate Ryan Patterson stops by to talk about his master’s recital (01:10), his upcoming trip to Ghana, Bernard Woma, and running the Mizzou drumline (09:45), his work with the Rare Form Trio and why he’s off to UT-Austin for grad school (23:10), being a current grad student in percussion (31:25), growing up in SC near Clemson and Greenville (35:35), studying with recent guest Omar Carmenates at Furman (SC) and the idea of “coffee lessons” (52:00), the roundabout way he got to Mizzou (01:15:35), and the Random-Ass Questions (01:26:45).

Finishing with a Rave on NCPP 2018 (01:36:55).


Megan Arns

Omar Carmenates

Rebecca McDaniel

anna provo

"Economy of Means" - Robert Honstein

"Toccata" - Anna Ignatowicz

Ji Hye Jung

"Rebonds A/B" - Iannis Xenakis

"Phylogenesis" - Russell Wharton

"Karakurenai" - Andy Akiho

"Spiderweb Lead" - Adam Silverman

Dagara Music Center

Bernard Woma

Amy Knopps

Rare Form Trio

John W. Parks IV

Darin Olson

Brian Nozny


Furman Band Directors

"Moto Perpetuo" - Elliot Carter

Concerto for Marimba - Emmanuel Séjourné

Haunt of Last Nightfall - David Little

Shane Batchelor

Julia Gaines

Brad Snow