Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 39 - anna provo

(Very) recent Mizzou master’s degree graduate in Percussion Performance anna provo talks about her time at Mizzou (02:50), working with PAS as a student delegate (13:30), being a grad student in 2017 (20:20), being part of Rare Form Trio and her degree recital (25:00); performing with the Columbia Handbell Ensemble (51:15), growing up in Central Massachusetts (57:25), opening herself up to new experiences and self-improvement (01:01:35), getting to Seton Hill University (PA) to double major in Music Ed and Music Therapy (01:20:25), teaching for one year after undergrad (01:37:40), and being “born ready” for specific and Random-Ass Questions (1:45:05).

Closing with a rave on a Reply All podcast (02:03:10).


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