Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 86 - Alina Grimm

Drake University (IA) Assistant Dean of Student Services and Percussion Educator Alina Grimm talks about her current job (02:30), the history of Drake University and its place in Iowa (13:20), what State Fair Week is like in Des Moines (31:40), growing up near Denver (37:40), going to Drake for undergrad (58:25), the culture shock of going to UTEP for her master’s (01;08:15), her DMA time at Michigan State (01:22:40), and the Random-Ass Questions (01:37:30).

Finishing with a remembrance for a recently deceased friend (02:01:20).


Alina Grimm's Drake University page

Todd Meehan

Robert Meunier

Iowa - Iowa State rivalry

Elliot Carter's Timpani Etudes

"Dream of the Cherry Blossoms" - Keiko Abe

"Land" - Takatsugu Muramatsu

Larry Smith

Andy Smith

Amy Smith

"Caméléon" - Eric Sammut

Concerto for Marimba - Emmanuel Séjourné

Gwen Dease

Jonathan Haas

Svet Stoyanov

Ji Hye Jung

Jon Weber

"See Ya Thursday" - Steve Mackey

"The King of Denmark" - Morton Feldman

"The Lonelyness of Santa Clause" - Fredrik Andersson

"Mojave" - Michael Torke

Zeltsman Marimba Festival

Biodome trailer

The Emoji Movie trailer

Lawrence of Arabia trailer

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T. E. Lawrence

One Thousand and One Nights

The Innocents Abroad - Mark Twain

"Trio Per Uno", movement 3 - Zivkovic

To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar