Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 28 - Todd Meehan

Baylor University Percussion Professor, Liquidrum founder and Curb Your Enthusiasm Superfan Todd Meehan discusses his instrumental chair duties at Baylor (02:50), the beginnings of Liquidrum and his hilarious online videos (07:20), his upcoming Accessories book (13:10), getting to Baylor and replacing a legend (27:30), the impact of the Athletic Dept. transgressions on the music department (43:45), growing up in Houston (51:40), traveling to Long Island for family trips (53:30), going to DePaul and UT-Austin for undergrad (01:03:00), going to Yale for grad school (01:17:30), finishing his doctorate at UT-Austin while working full-time at Baylor (01:32:50), the USC-Texas 2006 Rose Bowl (01:36:00), and has time for some Random-Ass Questions (01:39:10).

Finishes with a rave on the Heart 80s hit song “Alone” (01:49:15).


Todd Meehan's Baylor University page


Michelle Colton

Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is Sportscenter

Larry Vanlandingham

Bob Van Sice

So Percussion

Yale Symphony Orchestra

Stephen Heyde

"Canaries" - Elliot Carter

"Dances of Earth and Fire" - Peter Klatzow

"Domino V" - Phillippe Boivin

Brian Zator

J.B. Smith

Sherry Rubins

Tom Burritt

Tony Edwards

Baylor University Sexual Assault Scandal

Baylor University Men's Basketball Murder Scandal

Robert Griffin III

Ivan Trevino

James Ross

Michael Green

Greg Akagi

George Frock

"Rebonds B" - Iannis Xenakis

Dan Druckman

2006 Rose Bowl - USC/Texas

Tom Freer

Dead Poets Society trailer

The Tree of Life trailer


"Alone" - Heart