Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 54 - Alan Shinn

Longtime Texas Tech University Percussion Professor Alan Shinn talks about getting the Texas Tech job (03:25), being at one school for so long (15:50), growing up in Kansas City and Columbia, MO (21:05), playing football in 9th grade (27:30), playing in rock bands growing up (28:30), going to Mizzou for undergrad and the facility issues he dealt with (32:00), sports at Mizzou during his time there (49:55), getting his master’s at Texas Tech (56:25), some thoughts on some former students (01:11:45), and the Random-Ass Questions (01:20:00)

Finishing with a Rave on the Hit Parade and Revisionist History podcasts (01:36:55).


Alan Shinn's Texas Tech page

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Elijah - Mendelssohn

F. Michael Combs

Larry Rachleff

Keith Bearden

Lisa Rogers

Kent Drums

John Brophy

Claude Smith

Tim Lautzenheiser

Allan Beeson


Julia Gaines

Kevin Lepper

Norm Ruebling

"Ceremonial" - Paul Creston

Buddy Rich

David Garibaldi

Harvey Mason

"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock

"Saturday NIght" - Bay City Rollers

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Dan Devine

Gary Pinkel

"Ballad For the Dance" - Saul Goodman

Marimba Concerto - Robert Kurka

Josh Armstrong

Stephen Dunn

"Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson

"Hey Jude" - The Beatles

End of Abbey Road - The Beatles

Abe Laboriel Jr

"Slippin' Into Darkness" - War

This American Life


You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Sherman Alexie

George Saunders Commencement Speech

"Let it Be Told" - Julian Arguelles

"Feast" - Bill Douglas

"Rite of Spring" - The Bad Plus (Stravinsky)


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