Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 53 - Allen Teel

Abilene Christian University (TX) Percussion Professor Allen Teel talks about getting the job (2:40), getting students to come to ACU (25:35), teaching Kenyon Williams (33:40), growing up in Tulia, TX (37:30), playing basketball and working in a grocery store in high school (47:35), going to West Texas State for undergrad (57:30), adjusting the height on instruments before height-adjustment mechanisms (01:03:20), going to Texas Tech for his masters (01:10:10), doing the doctorate at the University of Georgia after teaching for a few years (01:17:55), interacting with the SNL band last November (01:25:40), and subjecting himself to Random-Ass Questions (01:29:35).

Finishing with a rave on “Dr. Strangelove”. (01:41:10).


Allen Teel's ACU Homepage

Alan Shinn

Ronald Brough

Stuart Marrs

Tony McCutchen

John Whitwell

Brian Zator

Ray Dillard

Gregg Koyle

Kenyon Williams

James Beckham

Max Roach

"and the mountains rising nowhere" - Joseph Schwantner

"Gazebo Dances" - John Corigliano

"Diversions for Flute and Marimba" - Peter Tanner

Concerto for Timpani and Brass Ensemble - William Kraft

Paul Smadbeck

Gordon Stout

Leigh Howard Stevens

Lisa Rogers

John Serry

Drum Gahu - David Locke

Valerie Naranjo

Lenny Pickett

Shawn Pelton

John W. Parks IV

A.I. Artificial Intelligence trailer

"September" and "Fantasy" - Earth, Wind and Fire

"Make Me Smile" - Chicago

The Bauhaus Movement


Dr. Strangelove trailer