Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 43 - Bill Shaltis

University of Memphis Percussion Professor and Creator of “Good Beats Percussion” Bill Shaltis see Pete’s Jets t-shirt and responds accordingly (02:40), talks about getting the Memphis job from his work at Missouri Southern and UMKC (03:10), growing up in Michigan (13:30), his Patriots fandom, coupled with some more sports talk (17:10), times in high school percussion (23:00), going to Michigan State for undergrad (27:15), heading to Boston Conservatory for his master’s (41:45), the good and bad of freelancing in Boston post-grad school and then joining Evansville (IN) Philharmonic as principal percussionist (1:00:00), going to UMKC for his doctorate (01:12:25), while video podcasting (01:15:50), along with the logistics of taking the Boise Philharmonic timpani job (01:18:50), and finishing with some Random-Ass Questions (01:38:00).

Closing with a rave on “Master of None” (01:49:10).


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"Good Beats"'

"Seven to Queens" - Andy Beall

"Blues for Gilbert" - Mark Glentworth

"Cage for One" -  Dwayne Corbin

"Jigsaw Falling Into Place" - Radiohead

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E Major Partita - J. S. Bach

"Recital Duo" - Dan Knipple

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"Saeta" - Elliot Carter

"Six Marimbas" - Steve Reich

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"Liar" - Henry Rollins Band

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"Third Construction" - John Cage

"Tassa" - Ben Wahlund

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