Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 23 - Casey Cangelosi

James Madison University Percussion Professor and @Percussion Podcast creator and co-host Casey Cangelosi and I talk about our experiences podcasting (02:15), and follow with Casey talking about getting the job and teaching at Concord University (WV) (06:25), transitioning from adjunct to full-time teaching (16:00), being on the job market and then getting the job and settling in at James Madison University (24:00), writing pieces as himself and under pseudonyms (29:00), growing up in Logan, Utah (40:00), musings about his @Percussion Podcast (50:40), Casey’s Dad’s basketball career at LSU (01:08:00), high school and college years in and out of Utah State (01:11:00), taking a year off to get fired at Old Navy (01:34:00), doing one master’s at Boston Conservatory (01:35:00), and a second at Rice University (01:50:00), and self-publishing (01:55:45).  I then subject Casey to some Random Questions (02:05:35).

Finishing with a rave on Trombone Shorty (02:13:25).


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