Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 134 - Emily Lemmerman (Part 1)

In Part 1, Barracude Steel Drum Owner and Steel Drum Tuner Emily Lemmerman talks about her current pan tuning roles and the facility to read music and play by rote in pan groups (04:40), typical tuning schedules, starting as a tuner and learning under Dr. Ellie Mannette (16:15), breaking into the pan-tuning world as a woman (28:15), tuning drums in Trinidad (39:20), and why tuning drums is such a difficult and unique profession (57:20).

Finish with a Rave on the Stevie Wonder episode of the Hit Parade podcast (01:21:45).


Barracuda Steel Drums

Ellie Mannette

Michael Overman

“Yellow Bird”

Andy Narell

Ray Holman

Phil Hawkins

Adam Mason

Phil Faini

Mark Berry

Coyle Steel Drums

Dan Meunier

Darren Dyke

“So Long” - Skiffle

Cliff Alexis



Hit Parade