Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 125 - Garrett Arney

Arx Duo Founder and Member Garrett Arney talks about his percussion responsibilities and making Arx Duo a Non-Profit (01:45), forming the percussion duo with Mari Yoshinaga and making it work long distance (23:45), his 2 years living in NYC and working with Ensemble Connect (31:40), growing up in Michigan and having to learn how to “hang out” (39:40), going to Michigan State and Peabody and learning from Gwen Dease and Bob Van Sice (59:20), and lives through the Random Ass Questions (01:15:35).

Finishing with a Rave on If Beale Street Could Talk (01:33:10).


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Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich

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“Timber” - Michael Gordon

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Sharp Objects trailer

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Hop (2) - Paul Lansky

“Khan Variations” - Alejandro Vinaö

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The Martian Tribes - Emmanuel Séjourné

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Moonlight wins Best Picture

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