Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 71 - Best of 2017!

CLIP SHOW!  CLIP SHOW!  This year's "Best of" features the new segment, "Random-Ass Questions".  With answers to "Has anyone ever nailed an impression of you?" (02:30), "What's your biggest kitchen mess-up?" (09:15), "What's your highest/lowest sports moment?" (15:35), "What's the most impractical item of clothing you own?" (24:40), "What's your best non-monetizeable skill?" (27:05), "Where would you like to travel to?" (34:50), "What's a great movie and what's a terrible movie?" (41:40), "What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?" (54:30), "What's either your most embarrassing, funniest or strangest performance moment involving you?" (01:03:05), and "What one piece of art has impacted you the most recently?" (01:24:45).

Following with one of Pete's favorite Raves, on Tower of Power (01:45:10).