Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 56 - Brian Zator (part 1)

The Prez is here!! Current Percussive Arts Society (PAS) President and Texas A&M-Commerce Percussion Professor Brian Zator joins me for Part 1 of our interview.  We get to how he got the Commerce job while also eventually doing his DMA at North Texas (03:15), becoming PAS President (21:00), being “Best in Class” (34:15), changes in membership levels for PAS (36:00), the role of Past Presidents (43:15), “Why didn’t I get picked for PASIC?!” (46:15), the influence of companies on the organization and Exhibit Hall Layout changes (49:15), taking a look at other college jobs (53:45), and the “rigorous” auditions to get into Commerce (01:02:30).

Finishing with a Rave on “Tickling Giants” (01:09:00)


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