Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 47 - Kathleen Kastner

Wheaton College (IL) Percussion Professor Kathleen Kastner talks about getting the Wheaton job (along with brief personal percussion history) (01:45), considering other jobs and the current student culture (25:30), growing up outside Milwaukee (39:45), her experiences getting grad degrees (at American Conservatory and Illinois) (55:30), and the Random-Ass Questions (along with thoughts about being a female in the percussion world) (01:04:45).

Closing with a rave on the 2013 documentary “A Band Called Death” (01:28:10).


Kathleen Kastner's Wheaton page

James Dutton

Clair Omar Musser

Cort McClaren

Vida Chenoweth

Marimba Concerto - Robert Kurka

Thomas Siwe


"Child of Tree" - John Cage

Concertino - Paul Creston

Concerto - Darius Milhaud

"Ritmicas 5 and 6" - Amadeo Roldan

"Ionization" - Edgard Varese

Michael Colgrass

Paul Price

Jack McKenzie

Bob Tilles

Mike Balter

Katarzyna Mycka


A Band Called Death trailer