Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 36 - Lauren Teel

University of North Alabama Adjunct Percussion Professor and Troopers Drumline Instructor Lauren Teel talks about her hectic work schedule (03:20), drum corps time commitments (20:45), dealing with being a young woman teacher in drum corps (31:35), The Wrecking Crew (GA) and The Hunger Games (36:20), growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (44:55), starting summer Drum Line stuff in High School (01:03:00), going to UNT for undergrad (01:08:00), performing in India with A.R. Rahman (01:17:00), teaching high school and performing in GA (01:36:00), moving to Indiana for her masters and dealing with the cold weather (01:43:00), and handling some Random-Ass Questions (01:53:50).

Finishing with a rave on the documentary “Tower” (02:01:15).


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"Reflections on the Nature of Water" - Jacob Druckman

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