Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 26 - Ben Charles

Tartleton State University Percussion Professor and @ percussion podcast co-host Ben Charles talks about the beginnings of @ percussion (03:25), his career beginnings at Florida Atlantic University (10:45) and Tartleton State (18:20), growing up in Richmond, VA (32:00), his experiences in high school vs. the Northern Virginia players (35:45), his fascination with Steve Jobs and Pixar movies and its relation to his job-hunting experiences (40:45), attending North Texas for undergrad (46:50), going to Illinois for his master’s after some harrowing student teaching experiences (01:00:45), working for Sears for one summer in Champaign-Urbana (01:06:50), getting to Miami for his doctorate and traveling around the area (01:22:30), and some Random-Ass Questions (01:32:50).

Finishing with a rave on Rembert Browne and Grammy History (01:41:15).


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