Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 62 - Joshua Simonds (PASIC Preview #1)

After opening with a pitch to come to PASIC 2017, Percussive Arts Society Executive Director Joshua Simonds talks about getting the job at PAS (03:50), preparing for the interview along with some job-seeking pointers (09:15), negotiating a contract with a non-profit (30:45), getting burned out working for non-profits (35:25), having a spouse in non-profit work (41:25), transitioning to the new job and taking on issues (43:10), getting ready for PASIC 2016 vs. PASIC 2017 (50:20), comparing PAS to his previous job with the Chicago Youth Symphony (59:25), why PASIC is so frequently in Indianapolis (01:05:20), other aspects of his current job (01:24:25), and what’s working with PAS Memberships (01:28:50).


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