Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 6 - Edward White


River City Drum Corps (KY) director Edward White talks about the beginnings of his group (00:05:00), growing up in Louisville (00:14:45), house building and house rehabilitation (00:23:30), post high school career (00:37:15), working as a commercial photographer (00:47:20), getting lost in the wrong town at the wrong time (00:57:30), and the present and future of RCDC (01:12:50).  Also, find out how to make photographing electric razors and golf clubs fun!

Concludes with Raves (01:30:25).


River City Drum Corps

Da' Ville Classic

Baile's African Drum Works

Service Merchandise

Boom Squad Drumline

Iroquois (KY) Amphitheater

Louisville Convention Center

Kentucky Center for the Arts

Kentucky Derby Festival

The SIAC (Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference)

Kentucky State Band

Clark Atlanta Band

Alabama A&M Band

Don Parker's Fayetteville State University page

Dick Sisto biography


"The Armor of Light" trailer

Frankenstein book

"Wanna Be Startin' Something" Live in Japan 1987