Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 4 - Jason Kihle

Jason meets my wife via FaceTime (:07), talks about getting the Texas A&M Kingsville job (:09), growing up all over the country (:26), mutually dodging the Pre-Med track (:42), surviving the Red River flood of 1997 (:52), taking middle-school and high-school jobs in Arizona and Colorado (1:04), finding his way to Northern Colorado for grad school (1:23), and the state of percussion literature (1:36).  Also, Jason drives me nuts by constantly referring to Northern Colorado as "UNC".  Like I'm not supposed to have an allergic reaction to that acronym.


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1985 St. Louis Cardinals roster

Don Denkinger's blown call in 1985 World Series (2:20 mark)

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The 1997 Red River flood in North Dakota

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