Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 18 - Victoria Sparks

University of Manitoba and Brandon University (MB) Percussion Professor Victoria Sparks talks about some end-of-the-semester oddities (02:40), Canada's cold weather and live hockey games (04:00); her current job situation and scheduling at 3 separate schools in Manitoba (07:15); getting filmed for a documentary (30:25); Canadian benefits? (34:45); growing up outside of Winnipeg (41:15); beginning piano and transitioning to percussion (56:50); doing undergrad at the University of Manitoba (01:08:15); her semester in Iceland (01:10:40); getting the master’s at Butler University while also working in the Orchestra Box Office (01:20:00); working with a community drumline in Indianapolis (01:36:45); watching the Butler men’s basketball team’s run to the NCAA Championship Game in 2010 (01:42:25); and the good and bad about being a woman in the percussion world (01:48:30).

Closes with a rave on a special version of "O Holy Night" (02:03:20).


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