Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 51 - Oliver Molina

Northwestern State University (LA) Percussion Professor Oliver Molina talks about getting the NSU job (01:40), growing up in California, Guam and Florida (19:45), trash-talking on the Bible Bowl circuit (32:30), going to UCF (University of Central Florida or "Under Construction Forever") for undergrad (36:40), running in the Disney World Marathon (40:40), getting his Masters at the University of Arkansas (59:20), working on his doctorate at the University of Iowa (01:08:55), the Iowa-Iowa State Rivalry (01:19:20), and finishing with Random-Ass Questions (01:24:45).

Finishing with a rave on the Hip Hop Classic “Jam On It” (01:46:00).


Oliver Molina's homepage

Oliver Molina's Remo page

John Pratt's Modern Contest Solos

Walking Down Coolidge - Joe Tompkins

Nancy - Emmanuel Sejourne

Katamiya - Emmanuel Sejourne

Brad Meyer

Northwestern State shocks Iowa in 2006 NCAAs

Bible Bowl

Jeff Moore

Thad Anderson

Anthony King

Joe W. Moore III

UCF Beats Baylor in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl

Variations for King George - William Kraft

Merlin - Andrew Thomas

Canned Heat - Eckhard Kopetzki

The States Medley - Bob Becker

Autumn Leaves - Leslie Odom, Jr.

Blue Bossa - Dexter Gordon

Soul Sauce - Cal Tjader

Chal Ragsdale

Dan Moore

Iowa-Iowa State rivalry


BIllie Jean and Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Daredevil on Netflix

Rattle and Hum - Casey Cangelosi

That Thing You Do Trailer

The New World trailer

Dumb & Dumber trailer

Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich


Jam On It - Newcleus


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 50 - Ricky Burkhead

Ole’ Miss Percussion Professor Ricky Burkhead talks about getting the Ole Miss job (02:20), going to school with Jerry Rice and the world of HBCU Classics (17:30), growing up in Greenwood (MS) and the music of the 1970s (20:30), playing in combos with local band directors (28:40), going to Mississippi Valley State University for undergrad (38:30), attending his first PASIC in NYC in the late 1970s (43:40), undergrad recitals (49:50), going to Eastern Illinois for his master’s (57:25), working at MVSU as his first job (01:09:50), racial issues in higher education and changes in Ole’ Miss’s history (01:17:00), the Mississippi-Mississippi State rivalry (01:26:30), and Random-Ass Questions (01:30:00).

Finishing with a tribute to the music of David Maslanka and Glen Campbell (01:41:00).


Ricky Burkhead's Ole Miss page

Ricky Burkhead's Homepage

Johnny Lee Lane

Ronald Vernon

"Steel Joy" - Ricky Burkhead

"Jamaica Farewell" - Harry Belafonte

"Yellow Bird" - Steel Band traditional

"March" - Elliot Carter

Military plane crash in MS in July 2017

Mike Bump

Drew Lang

Pedro Orey

Circle Clty Classic

Southern Heritage Classic

Roses Discount

"I Wish" and "Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder

"Can't Hide Love" - Earth, Wind and Fire

"Money Money Money" and "Give the People What The Want" - The O'Jays 

"Village Ghetto Land" - Stevie Wonder

"Three Camps" - Gardiner Strube

14 Modern Snare Solos - John Pratt


Modern School for Snare Drum - Morris Goldenberg

Modern Method for Timpani - Saul Goodman

Rob Carson

Frank Arsenault

Ralph Hardimon

Double Image

Leigh Howard Stevens

Gordon Stout

"B Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"C Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"Sonata For Timpani" - John H. Beck

"Concertino" - Paul Creston

"Just Flippin'" - Phil Kraus

"Monograph IV" - Richard Gipson

John Wooton

Sherman Hong

"Two Mexican Dances" - Gordon Stout

"Children's Songs" - Chick Corea

"Saeta" - Elliot Carter

Elvin Jones

Ed Saindon

"Art of Bop Drumming" - John Riley

Tony Williams

James Latimer

Glenn Schaft

Andy Narell

Cliff Alexis

Ellie Mannette

1962 Ole Miss football

Ghosts of Ole Miss

Dave trailer

Brooklyn trailer

Legend of Tarzan trailer

The Fifth Element trailer

"Dancing Machine" and "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" - The Jacksons

"Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Working Day and Night" - Michael Jackson

"Back in Black" - AC/DC

"I Can't Go For That" - Hall and Oates

From Motown to Off the Wall

Super Bowl IV

"Aja" - Steely Dan


"My Lady White" - David Maslanka

"Symphony No. 4" - David Maslanka

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me trailer

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" - Glen Campbell

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 49 - Lance Drege

University of Oklahoma Percussion Professor Lance Drege talks about getting to OU (with a detour teaching high school flag corps) (01:50), nearly taking the University of Houston job 20 years ago (19:35), the pressure to continue the legacy of OU Percussion (27:25), growing up in Minot (ND) (45:55), growing up playing sports (53:20), going to SW Oklahoma State for undergrad (58:30), making his long-distance marriage work (01:13:00), and Random-Ass Question time (01:21:10).

Finishing with a rave on the PBS Documentary Latin Music, U.S.A. (01:36:00).


Lance Drege's OU Homepage

Cort McClaren

Richard Gipson

Lisa Rogers

Blake Wilkins

Brian Britt

"Portico" - Tom Gauger

"Palace of Nine Perfections" - Eric Ewazen

"The Night Watch" - Joseph Blaha

"Crown of Thorns" - David Maslanka

"Diabolic Variations" - Raymond Helble

Scott Cameron

Scott Harris

Todd Johnson

Staci Stokes-Waites

Julia Gaines

"Pines of Rome" - Otto Respighi

Joel Levine

"Sea Refractions" - Mitchell Peters

"Concertino for Marimba" - Paul Creston

"Percussion Concerto" - Darius Milhaud

"Divertimento for Marimba and Alto Sax" - Akira Yuyama

Karen Beres

"Log Cabin Blues" - G. H. Green

"Earth Song" - Michael Jackson

Miracle trailer

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou trailer

"This is the World" - David Maslanka


Latin Music U.S.A. trailer


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 48 - Megan Arns 2017

University of Missouri Percussion Professor Dr. Megan Arns returns to talk about turning her position tenure-track (01:15), finishing her doctorate at Eastman in May (04:40), bringing on Will James to teach Orchestral Excerpts and Auditioning (13:15), personal relationships (18:10), self care and travel (20:20), and Random-Ass Question (27:00).

Finishing with a rave on the HBO Documentary The Defiant Ones (42:20).


Megan Arns' Episode 3 appearance

Will James

Michael Buritt

Jonathan Kuuskoski

Michael Bakan

"Sticking It Out" - Patti Niemi

Hidden Figures trailer

Oliver Mtukudzi - Jennifer Kiker

The Way We Eat - Peter Singer and Jim Mason

@ Percussion podcast


The Defiant Ones trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 47 - Kathleen Kastner

Wheaton College (IL) Percussion Professor Kathleen Kastner talks about getting the Wheaton job (along with brief personal percussion history) (01:45), considering other jobs and the current student culture (25:30), growing up outside Milwaukee (39:45), her experiences getting grad degrees (at American Conservatory and Illinois) (55:30), and the Random-Ass Questions (along with thoughts about being a female in the percussion world) (01:04:45).

Closing with a rave on the 2013 documentary “A Band Called Death” (01:28:10).


Kathleen Kastner's Wheaton page

James Dutton

Clair Omar Musser

Cort McClaren

Vida Chenoweth

Marimba Concerto - Robert Kurka

Thomas Siwe


"Child of Tree" - John Cage

Concertino - Paul Creston

Concerto - Darius Milhaud

"Ritmicas 5 and 6" - Amadeo Roldan

"Ionization" - Edgard Varese

Michael Colgrass

Paul Price

Jack McKenzie

Bob Tilles

Mike Balter

Katarzyna Mycka


A Band Called Death trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 46 - Lisa Rogers

Texas Tech Percussion Professor, Co-Director of NCPP and the first female President of the Percussive Arts Society, Lisa Rogers, talks about getting the Texas Tech job (02:05), starting “Apocalypso Now” (21:10), being PAS President and the first female to hold the job (27:10), growing up in Port Lavaca, TX and her early involvement in the arts (38:35), going to Texas State and then Texas Tech for undergrad (55:15), eventually starting and loving the Master’s Degree at Texas Tech (01:10:35), doing the doctorate at the University of Oklahoma while also later teaching there (01:18:05), and then is subjected to Random-Ass Questions (01:31:10).

Finishing with a rave on the book Schadenfreude: A Love Story and Trainspotting (01:45:55).


Lisa Rogers' Texas Tech Page

Lance Drege

Richard Gipson

Alan Shinn

James Lambert

Robert Schietroma

Andy Narell

"Brown Girl in the Ring"

Ray Price

Willie Nelson

Musser Marimba Orchestra Project

Genaro Gonzalez

"Portico" - Tom Gauger

"Green Mountains" - Gary Burton

"Moonchild" - Gary Burton

"Grand Fantasy in C Major" - Raymond Helble

"English Suite" - William Kraft

"Concerto for Percussion and Small Orchestra" - Darius Milhaud

George Frock

Tom Morgan

"Crown of Thorns" - David Maslanka

"Chameleon Music" - Dan Welcher

"Twilight Offering Music" - Blake Wilkins

Blake Wilkins

Scott Cameron

Cort McClaren

Todd Johnson

Scott Harris

Julia Gaines

David Bessinger

Staci Stokes-Waites

Gene Thrailkill

Bill Wakefield

"Concerto for Marimba" - Robert Kurka

"Concerto for Marimba" - Ney Rosauro

"Variations on Lost Love" - David Maslanka

A Soprano on Her Head - Eloise Ristad


Schadenfreude, A Love Story - Rebecca Schuman

Trainspotting trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 45 - NCPP's Past, Present and Future

National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy (NCPP) Co-Directors Lisa Rogers and Lance Drege come on the show to talk about the future of the conference (01:25), joining NCPP's Executive Board (06:35), this year's newly-added Lightning Sessions (09:00), the challenges for putting on NCPP (18:35), the creation of NCPP (22:45), moving the conference to after the end of Spring Semesters along with accommodating High School programs (27:40), and concluding remarks (35:30).

Finishing with Pete's final thoughts on NCPP (40:35).


National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy's website

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 44 - Joe W. Moore III

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley Percussion Professor Joe W. Moore III talks about getting the job in Brownsville as well as the merger of the Brownsville and Pan American schools (01:20), growing up all over the USA as well as Germany (26:25), some shenanigans in Germany  (36:45), cultivating his love of percussion and drumset while living in so many places (42:00), going to Central Florida for undergrad (53:25), the University of South Carolina for his master’s (01:10:40), and LSU for his doctorate (01:22:25).  He then allows himself to be subject to some Random-Ass Questions (01:38:45).

Finishing with a rave on Richard Wright’s Black Boy (American Hunger) (01:55:15).


Joe W. Moore III's UTRGV page

Joe W. Moore III's Sabian page

Mark Eichenberger

Tom Nevill

Juri Seo

UT Brownsville and UT Pan American merger

Mark Ramirez

Haribo treats

"Every Praise" - Hezekiah Walker

"I Will Trust" - Fred Hammond

Calvin Rodgers

Carter Beauford

Madison Scouts

Jeff Moore

Thad Anderson

Oliver Molina

Anthony King

Omar Carmenates

"Night of Moon Dances" - Eckhard Kopetzki

"Velocities" - Joseph Schwantner

"Toccata and Divertimento" - Ney Rosauro

"Prelude No. 1" - Christopher Deane

"Canned Heat" - Eckhard Kopetzki

"Blue Bossa" - Joe Henderson

Scott Herring

Gordon Stout

Luis Rivera

"Pan in A Minor" - Lord Kitchener

"Take on Me" - A-Ha

"Chain" - Kazunori Miyake

"Mixed Music" - Eckhard Kopetzki

"Einherjar" - Casey Cangelosi

"Unchained" - Joe W. Moore III

Shane Reeves

"Silver Streetcar" - Alvin Lucier

James Tenney

Earle Brown

Dinos Constantinides

LSU-Alabama 2011 National Championship

Interstellar trailer

Alien 3 trailer

Einstein on the Beach documentary


Black Boy

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 43 - Bill Shaltis

University of Memphis Percussion Professor and Creator of “Good Beats Percussion” Bill Shaltis see Pete’s Jets t-shirt and responds accordingly (02:40), talks about getting the Memphis job from his work at Missouri Southern and UMKC (03:10), growing up in Michigan (13:30), his Patriots fandom, coupled with some more sports talk (17:10), times in high school percussion (23:00), going to Michigan State for undergrad (27:15), heading to Boston Conservatory for his master’s (41:45), the good and bad of freelancing in Boston post-grad school and then joining Evansville (IN) Philharmonic as principal percussionist (1:00:00), going to UMKC for his doctorate (01:12:25), while video podcasting (01:15:50), along with the logistics of taking the Boise Philharmonic timpani job (01:18:50), and finishing with some Random-Ass Questions (01:38:00).

Closing with a rave on “Master of None” (01:49:10).


Bill Shaltis' Memphis page

Boise Philharmonic Orchestra Members Page

"Good Beats"'

"Seven to Queens" - Andy Beall

"Blues for Gilbert" - Mark Glentworth

"Cage for One" -  Dwayne Corbin

"Jigsaw Falling Into Place" - Radiohead

Frank Shaffer

Memphis Music Initiative

Hot Chops

Brian Fronzaglia

Barry Sanders

Drew Bledsoe

Bill Simmons

Ewing Theory

Zach Randolph

Aaron "Bleeping" Boone

"Teardrops" - Mitchell Peters

Finale from Symphony No. 5 - Shostakovich

Movement 1 from Symphony No. 2 - Mahler

Alison Shaw

Keith Aleo

Larry Livingston

David Hall

E Major Partita - J. S. Bach

"Recital Duo" - Dan Knipple

"Tambourin Paraphrase" - Keiko Abe

"Sonata for Timpani" - John Beck

"Saeta" - Elliot Carter

"Six Marimbas" - Steve Reich

Ted Atkatz

Sal Rabbio

David Herbert

Metallica S&M

Anthony DiSanza

Pat Hollenbeck

Nancy Zeltsman

Concerto for Percussion - Joseph Schwantner

Mystic River trailer

Manchester By the Sea trailer

"1 + 1" - Philip Glass

"Prelude to Endgame" - Philip Glass

"Variations on Lost Love" - David Maslanka

"Cold Pressed" - David Hollinden

"Symphony with Eight Obbligato Timpani" - JCC Fischer

Will James

Casey Cangelosi

Pius Cheung

"Liar" - Henry Rollins Band

"Thieves" - Ministry

Kansas City Chiefs Drumline

Jim Snell

Chris McLaurin

Nick Petrella

"Third Construction" - John Cage

"Tassa" - Ben Wahlund

"The Final Precipice" - Jeffrey Peyton

"Duettino Concertante" - Ingolf Dahl

"Call of Boromir" - Dan McCarthy

"Harmonic Rhythm" - Russell Peck

Anchorman trailer

Napoleon Dynamite trailer

Talladega Nights trailer

Serial podcast

Up and Vanished podcast


Master of None trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 42 - Stephen Crawford

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Percussion Professor Stephen Crawford talks about getting the Temple College and Mary Hardin-Baylor jobs and how his responsibilities have changes over the years (02:35), some Spurs sports talk (50:10), growing up in (northern) North Dakota and the nature of Sports Fandom there (52:15), getting into percussion (01:00:00), a summary of his travels in high school and into Minot State University (ND) (01:05:00), his senior recital (01:16:25), grad school as a Wind Conducting focus, after which he teaches at Elmhust College (IA) and finishes grad school at UMKC (01:21:40), Kansas City Sports in the 1980s and 90s (01:26:40), nearly getting to conduct The Air Force Band (01:32:00), and settles in for some Random-Ass Questions (01:37:00).

Finishing with a Rave on the “Hit Parade” podcast (01:56:30).


Stephen Crawford's UMHB page

Stephen Crawford's Innovative Percussion Page

Stephen Crawford's Majestic Percussion Page

The Phoenix in Kansas City

Future Farmers of America

Populous Architecture Firm

UMHB wins National Title!

Brad Meyer

Todd Meehan

Tom Burritt

Allen Teel

Christopher Deane

Mark Ford

Boris Badenov from "Rocky and Bulwinkle"

Malaysian Airliner goes down

Terry Baldridge

Temple Symphony Orchestra

The Marriage of Figaro

Unbroken book and movie

Ivan Trevino

Sherry Rubins

Dirk Nowitzki

Kahwi Leonard

Haskell Harr's Drum Method

Michael Blake

Elliot Carter's "Saeta" and "March"

Thomas L. Davis

Mitch Markovich's "Tornado"

Paul Creston's "Concertino"

Mitchell Peters' "Yellow After the Rain"

Randy Hogancamp

Gary Hill


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Joe Montana and Marcus Allen as KC Chiefs

Jimmy's Jigger (Kansas City)

"El Salon Mexico" - Aaron Copland

"Country Band March" - Charles Ives

Ian Finkel

Howard the Duck trailer

Dudley Do Right trailer

Patton trailer

The Godfather Saga trailer


Hit Parade podcast

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 41 - Gary Westbrook

Tarleton State University Director of Athletic Bands (and fellow UNCG alum) Gary Westbrook talks about taking the Tarleton job and leaving his previous post at Louisiana Tech (02:05), growing up in Burlington, NC and the Cummings/Williams HS rivalry (29:15), being a Duke fan (40:20), percussion activities growing up (51:55), going to East Carolina University for undergrad (59:05), getting through a crazy senior recital performance (01:11:30), going to UNCG for grad work after teaching for a few years (01:16:45), teaching at Concord College (WV) during his doctorate (01:43:00), going to Cuz’s (01:44:30), and subjects himself to some Random-Ass Questions (01:51:00).

Closes with a rave on the documentary “Forever Pure” (02:03:40).


Gary Westbrook's Tartleton page

Gary Westbrook's Innovative Percussion page

Jim Sherbon

Ben Charles

Greg Ball

Cort McClaren

Portraits in Rhythm - Tony Cirone

Keiskleriana - Jacques Delecluse

Gus Burghdorf

Three Preludes - Ney Rosauro

"Sonata for Timpani" - John Beck

Jim Robken

Andrew Necessary

"South of the Border"

Danny Frye

"On Wisconsin"

Jack Givens' 1978 final game

Terry Holland

Magic Johnson's 1980 Game 6 NBA Finals

Ed Soph

Buddy Rich

"Copacabana" - Barry Manilow

"Hitchin a Ride" - Vanity Fare

"Green-Eyed Lady" - Sugarloaf

"Hooked on a Feeling" - Blue Swede


Karen Carpenter drum solo

"Your Mama Don't Dance" - Loggins and Messina

Jack Stamp

John Locke

Harold Jones

Herbert Carter

Mark Ford

Christopher Deane

Nick Holland

"Sonata for Marimba and Piano" - Peter Tanner

"Nara" - Bill Cahn

"Dream of the Cherry Blossoms" - Keiko Abe

"Canaries" and "March" - Elliot Carter

"Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair"

Patricia Sink

"Song of Middle Earth" - Daniel McCarthy

Laura Franklin

Tammy Fisher

Cuz's Uptown Barbeque

Let's Eat

Scott Harris

Casey Cangelosi

Laurel Black

Shawshank Redemption trailer

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover trailer

Amazon Women on the Moon trailer

Circus Maximus (Rome)


Forever Pure trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 40 - Rebecca McDaniel

Mizzou Master’s of Music in Percussion degree recipient Rebecca McDaniel discusses getting to the Missouri School of Music (01:55), comparing the Furman and Mizzou programs (10:50), her Master’s recital (19:15), growing up near Birmingham, AL (35:45), her interests in cycling and life in high school percussion (44:35); her time at Furman (SC) double majoring in music and environmental science (01:03:40), the undergrad senior recital (01:25:15), how she spent a gap year (01:27:50), and withstanding some Random-Ass Questions (01:37:35).

Closing with a rave on the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy (NCPP) (01:54:45).


Rebecca McDaniel's YouTube channel

Rebecca McDaniel's Twitter page

Megan Arns

Omar Carmenates

Mizzou New Music Ensemble

"Pierrot Lunaire" - Arnold Schoenberg

Concerned Student 1950

Mizzou Grad Student Health Insurance

Boston Crusaders

Spirit of Atlanta

Steven Schick

Warren Wolf

anna provo

"From My Little Island" - Robert Aldridge

New Works for Percussion Project

Elliot Cole

"Mixed Bag" - Dave Weckl

"Book of Grooves" - Alejandro Vinao

Little Rock Nine

Tour of Missouri

Tour of California

Tour de France

Giro d'Italia

Vuelta a Espana

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" - Def Leppard

Piano Sonata - Alberto Ginastera

The Virtuoso Pianist - Hanon

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"Children's Songs" - Chick Corea

"Nagoya Marimbas" - Steve Reich

Swamp Rabbit Trail (Greenville, SC)

"El Nino" SNL sketch

Mammoth Cave (KY)

"Drum Dances" - John Psathas

"Interzones" - Bruce Hamilton

"Alter Ego" - Pat Jacobs

"Sextet" - Steve Reich


Julia Gaines

Julie Hill

Undercover Brother trailer

Napoleon Dynamite trailer

Anchorman trailer

"Haunt of Last Nightfall" - David Little



Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 39 - anna provo

(Very) recent Mizzou master’s degree graduate in Percussion Performance anna provo talks about her time at Mizzou (02:50), working with PAS as a student delegate (13:30), being a grad student in 2017 (20:20), being part of Rare Form Trio and her degree recital (25:00); performing with the Columbia Handbell Ensemble (51:15), growing up in Central Massachusetts (57:25), opening herself up to new experiences and self-improvement (01:01:35), getting to Seton Hill University (PA) to double major in Music Ed and Music Therapy (01:20:25), teaching for one year after undergrad (01:37:40), and being “born ready” for specific and Random-Ass Questions (1:45:05).

Closing with a rave on a Reply All podcast (02:03:10).


anna provo's website

Megan Arns

Concerned Student 1950

Ending of Health Insurance at Mizzou

John H. Beck

John R. Beck

So Percussion

Third Coast Percussion

Rare Form Trio

Rebecca McDaniel

"Back in Black" - AC/DC

R.J. Heid

"Threads" - Paul Lansky

Nine French-American Rudimental Drum Solos - Joe Tompkins

"Khan Variations" - Alejandro Vinao

"Music for 18 Musicians" - Steve Reich

"The Anvil Chorus" - David Lang

"Echolalia" - Mark Applebaum

"fAnaTiC" - Casey Cangelosi

Columbia Handbell Ensemble

"Wayfaring Stranger" Shape Note Singing

Thom Hannum

"Nagoya Marimbas" - Steve Reich



Sherry Rubins

"Beat It" - Michael Jackson

"Instructions" - Neil Gaiman


Reply All - Episode 52: Raising the Bar

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 38 - Josh Knight

Missouri Western Percussion Professor Josh Knight talks about the job he took at Arkansas-Fort Smith while finishing his dissertation on Snare Drum Pedagogy (03:30), working at McMurry University (TX) (31:40), interviewing for and getting his current job at Missouri Western State University (52:45), growing up in Fort Smith, AR and playing a lot of ZZ Top as a kid (1:00:45), going to the University of Central Arkansas for his undergrad and master’s (01:06:00); University of Arkansas and University of Oklahoma fandom (01:15:35) and comparing programs at UCA and OU (01:22:15).  I then subject Josh to some Random Ass Questions (01:39:35).

Finishing with a rave on the 1999 movie “Life” (01:52:45).


Josh Knight's homepage

Josh Knight's Missouri Western page

Lance Drege

Josh Knight's Snare Drum Pedagogy Dissertation

Haskell Harr's Drum Method

Bob Becker's Rudimental Arithmetic

Podemski's Standard Snare Drum Method

The Moeller Book

Stone's Stick Control

Mark Wessels' Fresh Approach to Snare Drum

Brad Meyer

Keith Lloyd

Georg Wagenseil

"Prism" - Keiko Abe

"Improvisation" - Elliot Carter

"Scirocco" - Michael Burritt

"Awesome God"

Allen Teel

"Zenith" - Benjamin Finley

David Robinson

"Phantom Phrenzy" - Marty Hurley

Ilijas - Nebojsa Zivkovich

"Recitative" - Elliot Carter

"Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top

Scotty Thurman beats Duke

Corliss Williamson

Blake Griffin

Adrian Peterson

Sam Bradford

Tom Burritt

American Beauty trailer

White Men Can't Jump trailer

Shutter Island trailer

"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" - Charlie Daniels

Jackson Pollock


Life trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 37 - Ivan Trevino

Composer, percussionist, and Spurs diehard fan Ivan Trevino talks to me about working at Baylor University and his podcast (03:50), remarks on his “Pretend Music School” blog post (07:15), issues regarding self-publishing and music rights (12:30), his Mexican origins and Spanish language abilities (29:25), US-Mexico soccer and San Antonio Spurs sport-ball talk (33:00), growing up in Victoria, TX (39:50), the beginnings of Break of Reality (52:00), silly cello questions (01:04:00), drumset and groove issues (01:08:00), getting to Eastman to learn under John H. Beck (undergrad) and Michael Burritt (masters) (01:11:00), and willingly takes on some Random-Ass Questions (01:30:25).

Finishing with a rave on the documentary The Last Laugh (01:42:50).


Ivan Trevino's homepage

Todd Meehan

Ivan Trevino's podcast

My Pretend Music School


"Porgy and Bess" Xylophone lick

John H. Beck

Michael Burritt

Bob Van Sice

Elliot Cole

Alejandro Vinao

Steve Weiss Music

Lone Star Percussion

"Memento" - Ivan Trevino

Long Island Music Engraving Services

Nathan Daughtrey

Doug Perkins

Giovani Dos Santos

Kawhi Leonard

Graduation Speech from "Say Anything"

"Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" - Selena

"Middlename" - MXPX

"So Long, Astoria" - The Ataris

"Linoleum" - NOFX

"Game of Thrones Opening" - Break of Reality

"Back in Black" - AC/DC

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" - AC/DC

Phil Jackson

Christopher Lamb

Gordon Stout

Steve Gadd

Megan Arns

Julia Gaines

Dmaathen - Iannis Xenakis

"Scirocco" - Michael Burritt

"?Corporal" - Vinko Globokar

"Rounders" - Michael Burritt

"Tumblers" - Alejandro Vinao

Amy Garapic

Maria Finkelmeier

Chris Jones

Matthew Coley

Escape Ten

Sean Connors

Game 6 2013 Finals end

Ginobili dunk 2014 Finals Game 5

30 for 30

"Twist and Shout" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

"Hands Up" - Ivan Trevino

A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead

Lemonade - Beyonce


The Last Laugh trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 36 - Lauren Teel

University of North Alabama Adjunct Percussion Professor and Troopers Drumline Instructor Lauren Teel talks about her hectic work schedule (03:20), drum corps time commitments (20:45), dealing with being a young woman teacher in drum corps (31:35), The Wrecking Crew (GA) and The Hunger Games (36:20), growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (44:55), starting summer Drum Line stuff in High School (01:03:00), going to UNT for undergrad (01:08:00), performing in India with A.R. Rahman (01:17:00), teaching high school and performing in GA (01:36:00), moving to Indiana for her masters and dealing with the cold weather (01:43:00), and handling some Random-Ass Questions (01:53:50).

Finishing with a rave on the documentary “Tower” (02:01:15).


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Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 35 - Lamon Lawhorn

North Carolina A&T State University Assistant Band Director and Drumline Coordinator Lamon Lawhorn talks about getting the A&T job through his work at NC Central University (04:45), working on his doctorate at UNCG while working full-time (06:45); the logistics of band and drumline at A&T (18:15), the good and the bad about getting into the Honda Battle of the Bands (40:30); NC A&T’s 2016 PASIC clinic (43:50); MEAC vs. SWAC drumming styles (54:50); growing up in Ft. Worth, TX and growing up in Gospel Drumming (57:40), his Cowboys fandom (01:10:35), going to Prairie View A&M for undergrad (01:13:30), going to Ole Miss for his masters (01:24:00), “Crunchybdrumming” (01:30:55), and has time for some Random Ass Questions (01:33:30).

Concluding with raves on “On Broadway” and a recent episode of WTF with Marc Maron (01:40:35).


Lamon Lawhorn homepage

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Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 34 - Rebecca Schuman

Author of “Schadenfreude: A Love Story” and columnist for,, and, Rebecca Schuman talks about how this interview came to be as well as her most recent college employment history (04:50), her post-academic employment (18:50), the story behind her new book and writing for (27:15), growing up in Oregon (36:50), traveling in Germany (41:55), working in NY publishing (44:40), getting the Ph. D. in German Studies and the job market for that field (46:40), her mom’s musical connections (01:09:45), and some Random-Ass Questions (01:11:45).

Closes with a rave on the 1964 movie “One Potato, Two Potato” (01:19:10).


Rebecca Schuman's homepage

Schadenfreude, A Love Story

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Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 33 - Matt Henry

University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Percussion Professor and SpecDrum founder Matt Henry talks about the 2016 PASIC panel on race relations he moderated (01:45), the SpecDrum project (11:50), getting the job at UMSL (26:40), growing up in Carbondale (IL) and (recently) working on his father’s mayoral race (39:10), going to Houston to study with Marvin Sparks (59:30), moving to STL to continue studying with Mr. Sparks at UMSL (01:03:30), teaching in the Clayton (MO) School District after his bachelor’s (01:13:10), and creatively putting together a Master’s Degree at Webster’s University (MO) (01:19:30).  Matt then gets subjected to some Random-Ass Questions (01:27:10).

Concluding with a rave about and a reading from the book An Unquiet Mind (01:38:55).


Matt Henry's UMSL page


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