Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 67 - Lamon Lawhorn, 2017 (part 2)

Lamon Lawhorn (NC A&T Professor and Episode 35 guest) returns to talk about Emmitt Smith (05:45), teaching at the Austrian Percussion Camp in August (07:30), summer traveling (27:50), his (then) upcoming PASIC clinic on The Evolution of Contemporary Gospel Drumming (34:45), his enjoyment of my podcast (58:20), great and so-so Dallas Cowboy running backs (01:02:50), his feelings on race and education (01:09:50) and how we were going to interrupt someone studying at PASIC (01:20:15).

Finishes with a rave on a photo exhibit on Surveillance (01:21:10).


Lamon Lawhorn's previous Podcast appearance

Lamon Lawhorn's homepage

Lamon Lawhorn's PASIC page

Emmitt Smith

Austrian Percussion Camp

Studio Percussion Graz

Anika Nilles

Gospel Chops

Fred Dinkins

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Aaron Spears

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Orlando Scandrick

Sean Lee

Jaylon Smith

James Meredith


The Wichita Art Museum Exhibitions


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 66 - Emily Tannert Patterson

Leander, TX area High School/Middle School Percussion Director Emily Tannert Patterson compares the podcast to “60 Minutes” and some cat-related content (03:05), her (then upcoming) PASIC presentation (04:20), percussion specialists throughout Texas (15:55), women in percussion (20:25), the twists and turns of her career so far (28:30), growing up in Knoxville, TN (51:00), her love of Phil Collins (01:00:45), her alternate career in broadcast journalism and speech/debate (01:07:10), her undergrad years at Northwestern and her eventual second undergrad degree at LSU (01:12:10), the drum corps years (01:18:30), learning under Brett Dietz and Tom Burritt (01:23:40), her masters degree recital (01:27:45) and the Random-Ass Questions segment (01:31:30).

Finishing with a Rave on the concert film “Sign ‘O’ The Times” (01:47:45).


Emily Tannert Patterson's Homepage

Emily Tannert Patterson's PASIC page

Emily Tannert Patterson's Innovative Percussion Page

Rick Rodriguez

"Another Day in Paradise", "Easy Lover", "Sussudio" - Phil Collins

Urban Renewal

Carter Beauford

Mike Burritt

Tom Burritt

Third Coast Percussion

Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps


Music City Mystique

Brett Dietz

"Six Marimbas" - Steve Reich

"Ionization" - Edgard Varese

"Three Shells" - Christopher Deane

"Vertical River" - Blake Tyson

"Conversation" - Akira Miyoshi

When Harry Met Sally trailer

Idiocracy "Electrolytes"

"Thriller" - Michael Jackson


Sign 'O' The Times trailer



Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 65 - Haley Nutt

Florida State University Historical Musicology doctoral student Haley Nutt talks about her (then upcoming) 2017 PASIC presentation on Women Composers (03:40), growing up near Dallas, TX, and her backgrounds in piano and tennis (22:25), band in high school (33:40), going to Texas Christian University for undergrad (38:50), the differences between Historical and Ethno-Musicology (43:50), her recital programs at TCU (52:20), studying with Brian West and John Parks (55:10), working with and directing FSU's Rock Ensemble (01:00:25), and working through the Random-Ass Questions (01:06:35).

Finishing with a Rave on "The Problem with Apu" (01:17:45).


Haley Nutt's PASIC 2017 page

Haley Nutt's Twitter page

John W. Parks IV

John H. Beck

Paul Price

Gitta Stener

Bill Moersch

"Pathetique" Sonata - Beethoven

"Moonlight" Sonata - Beethoven

The Inner Game of Tennis

Nadal vs. Federer

"Charleston Capers" - G. H. Green

"Clair de Lune" - Debussy (vibraphone arrangement)

"Charon" - Jonathon Anderson

"Hittade" - Maria Finkelmeier

Brian West

Michael Bakan

Across the Universe trailer

"Revolution" - Beatles

"Black or White" - Michael Jackson


The Problem With Apu trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 64 - Gwen Dease

Michigan State University Percussion Professor Gwen Dease talks about getting the job at MSU (02:50), her connection to Bob Van Sice (10:20), the challenges of keeping the program up while also being a female tenured percussion professor with a family (13:10), the PASIC experience (19:00), growing up in St. Louis and playing violin (26:00), doing high school at Interlochen Arts Academy (33:00), going to Eastman for undergrad (40:40), her interest in pottery (43:00), going to Peabody for Master’s Degree No. 1 (53:00), going to Yale for Master’s Degree No. 2 (01:05:50), getting used to the institutional size of Michigan State (01:16:15), and getting through the Random-Ass Questions (01:19:45).

Finishing with a Rave on the documentary “George Michael: Freedom” (01:29:00).


Gwen Dease's Michigan State page

Gwen Dease's Pearl page

Gwen Dease performs "Khan Variations"

Alison Shaw

Bob Van Sice

Todd Meehan

Julia Gaines

"Luminescent Experiment" - Josh Trentadue

"Pillar IV" - Andy Akiho

"Symphonie Espagnole" - Edward Lalo

"Violin Concerto" - Bruch

John Alfieri

Jeffrey Irving

John H. Beck

John W. Parks IV

Steve Owen

Payton MacDonald

"Variations on Japanese Children's Songs - Keiko Abe

"Rebonds" - Iannis Xenakis

"Velocities" - Joseph Schwantner

"Merlin" - Andrew Thomas

"Time" - Minoru Miki

Svet Stoyanov

Ayano Kataoka

Eric Cha-Beach

Julian Pelicano

Ji Hye Jung

"Village Burial with Fire" - James Wood

"Lute Suite" - J.S. Bach

"Autumn Island" - Roger Reynolds

Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion - Bela Bartok

Calder Mobiles


George Michael: Freedom trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 63 - PASIC 2017 Preview #2

As part of this year's PASIC 2017 Preview, four presenters come on the podcast to talk about their clinics and performances.

Gwen Dease talks about Michigan State's Percussion Ensemble Showcase concert, 10AM Thursday in the Sagamore Ballroom (01:25).

Haley Nutt discusses her presentation about 20th Century Women Percussion Composers, 1PM Thursday in Room 204 (09:00).

Emily Tannert Patterson gives background on her talk about Success for Teaching Grades 6-12 Percussion, 9AM Friday in Room 204 (28:20).

Lamon Lawhorn chats about Contemporary Gospel Drumming, 11AM Friday in Room 204 (40:30).


Michigan State University Percussion Ensemble

Haley Nutt

Emily Tannert Patterson

Lamon Lawhorn

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 62 - Joshua Simonds (PASIC Preview #1)

After opening with a pitch to come to PASIC 2017, Percussive Arts Society Executive Director Joshua Simonds talks about getting the job at PAS (03:50), preparing for the interview along with some job-seeking pointers (09:15), negotiating a contract with a non-profit (30:45), getting burned out working for non-profits (35:25), having a spouse in non-profit work (41:25), transitioning to the new job and taking on issues (43:10), getting ready for PASIC 2016 vs. PASIC 2017 (50:20), comparing PAS to his previous job with the Chicago Youth Symphony (59:25), why PASIC is so frequently in Indianapolis (01:05:20), other aspects of his current job (01:24:25), and what’s working with PAS Memberships (01:28:50).


Joshua Simonds' PAS Welcome


Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

Eric Martin

Visit Indy

Neil Peart's Drum Set

Rhythm Scene

Steve Smith

Chicago Collections

10-10-10 Rule

Rhythm! Discovery Center

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 61 - Jeff Calissi, 2017

Part 3 (One Year Later) of the “The Jeff Calissi Experience” begins with recent events at Eastern Connecticut State University (02:20), Jeff getting to hear about my own Senior (Piano) Recital (09:10), administrative issues an ECSU’s new music building (10:35), maintaining his current job while also keeping an eye on the college job market (25:00), his thoughts on social media and percussion (37:40), a brief interlude on food, diet and exercise (41:55), and Jeff dealing with the Random-Ass Questions (along with a possible intro song) and talking about his strong thoughts on the New York Rangers franchise (47:10).

Finishes with a Rave on Meal-Kit Services (01:13:15).


Jeff Calissi from 2016: Part 1 and Part 2

Jeff Calissi's homepage

Percussion Studies at ECSU

Percussion Ensembles at ECSU

ECSU Percussion Ensemble Highlights from April 2017 concert

Matthew Bronson

"Confluence" - Jeff Calissi and Matthew Bronson

Charles Bronson

UNCG Summer Music Camp

"Night Rhapsody" - John Serry

"Variations on Lost Love" - David Maslanka

Nathan Daughtrey

Dana Carvey on O.J.

Mike Richter saves Pavel Bure's penalty shot, 1994 Finals

"Better Find a Church" - JD and The Straight Shot

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Human Nature, Blame it On The Boogie, Shake Your Body Down (To the Ground), Say Say Say - Michael Jackson

The Porcaro Brothers

Rufus Wainwright does "Piano Man" at Kennedy Center Honors

Rufus Wainwright does "Wrapped Around Your Finger" by The Police

Libera does "Love & Mercy" at Kennedy Center Honors

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" - The Beach Boys


Meal Kit Services



Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 60 - Aaron Ragsdale

South Dakota State Percussion Professor Aaron Ragsdale hears about last week’s podcast (01:40), getting the job at SDSU (02:20), growing up in Fayetteville, AR (22:50), the UNLV-Arkansas 1991 basketball game and Scotty Thurman’s shot against Duke (34:20), School Theater and writing a One-Act Play in high school (40:00), going to the University of Oklahoma for undergrad (44:15), being a “gunslinger percussionist” (56:10), going to Arkansas to study under his father for his master’s (01:07:50), doing his doctorate at Rutgers (01:18:00), and going for some Random-Ass Questions (01:36:35).

Finishing with a rave on a work by Alfred Schnittke (01:52:10).


Aaron Ragsdale's South Dakota State page

Aaron Ragsdale's Innovative Percussion Page

Chal Ragsdale

Jim McKinney

Kevin Kessler

Jacob Wallace

SDSU-Maryland 2015 NCAAs highlights

South Dakota Landmarks


PASIC Focus Day


Harvey Dunn

"Concertino" - Toshiro Mayuzumi

"Meditation and Dance" - David Steinquest

"Sonata for Timpani" - John Beck

"American Suite" - Guy Gauthreaux

"Furioso and Valse in D Minor" - Earl Hatch

Three Dances - Warren Benson

UNLV-Arkansas 1991 (the punch)

Arkansas-Duke 1994 NCAA final

1964 Arkansas Razorbacks football

The Mousetrap - Agatha Christie

Our Town - Thornton Wilder

Gene Thrailkill

Howard Schnellenberger

Bob Stoops

John Blake

Iowa State-Oklahoma 2017

Richard Gipson

Lance Drege

Scott Harris

Ricardo Souza

Brett Favre

Andy Reid

"Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints" - Alan Hovhaness

"Adventures of Ivan" - Aram Khachaturian/L.H. Stevens

"Stubernic" - Mark Ford

"French Suite" - William Kraft

Darnell Zook

Harold Jones

"Northern Lights" - Eric Ewazen

"Gate to Heaven" - David Gillingham

"Merlin" - Andrew Thomas

Eight Pieces for Four Timpani - Elliot Carter

"Beneath the Canopy" - Philip Parker

"Nagoya Marimbas" - Steve Reich

She-e Wu

Kronos Quartet

Sarah Burke

Annie Stevens

Stefan Ice

George Tantchev

Barrett Hipes

Andrea Venet

Brian Jordan

Alan Abel

Bob Becker

Dennis DeLucia

"Velocities" - Joseph Schwantner

"Mirage" - Yasuo Sueyoshi

"EDGE (Corrugated Box)" - Bruce Hamilton

"Witchhowl" - Andrew Thomas

"Wanna Be Startin Something" - Michael Jackson

Tombstone trailer

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel

Jay Batzner

March Trilogy - John Lewis and Andrew Aydin


"Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief" - Alfred Schnittke

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 59 - Chal Ragsdale

Long-time University of Arkansas Percussion Instructor Chal Ragsdale talks about “Sabbatical Beard” (01:50), starting at Arkansas in 1975 (03:00), his years as department chair and being the institutional memory (13:20), living in Fayetteville and the Walmart Influence (31:00), growing up as the son of a TV News Producer (41:45), Rock Music Influences (including Kansas) (49:25), high school students today (01:00:00), going to Auburn for undergrad (01:07:25), teaching high school band in Reeltown (AL) (01:15:20), going to East Carolina University (NC) for grad school (01:22:20), his first name (01:27:40), Random-Ass Questions (01:32:00), and a tag on researching Percy Grainger (01:48:30).

Finishing with a rave on the movie Whitney: Can I Be Me (01:50:40).


Chal Ragsdale's Arkansas page

Fernando Valencia

Percy Grainger

Brown v. Board of Education

Robby Steinhardt

"Dust in the Wind", "Carry On Wayward Son", "Point of Know Return" - Kansas

Paul Simon


Canned Heat

"Jingo" - Santana

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Johnnie Vinson

"Music for a Summer Evening" - George Crumb

George Frock

Tony McCutcheon

James Campbell

Larry McCormick

Larry Mathis

Oboe Sonata - Paul Hindemith

"March and Polonaise for Timpani" - Julius Tausch

"Theme and Variations" - George Frock

Ditto Master

Harold Jones

"Suite for Marimba" - Paul Fissinger

David Maslanka

"25 or 6 to 4" - Chicago


Whitney: Can I Be Me trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 58 - Will James

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Principal Percussionist Will James talks about his current job (01:45), performing with the New World Symphony (05:50), the STL Symphony audition process and winning the job (19:35), day-to-day symphony work and being on the other side of the audition process (31:45), money, audience size, and cancellations (37:35), working at Mizzou (45:15), growing up in Raleigh, NC (47:10), his sports background and Duke affiliation (51:40), his undergrad career at Northwestern (58:50), his graduate work at New England Conservatory of Music (01:06:00), and his tolerance for my Random-Ass Questions (01:12:15).

Finishing with a rave on the local Roots, Blues and BBQ Festival (01:19:50).


Will James' homepage

Will James' St. Louis Symphony page

Will James' Signature Snare Drum

STL Symphony cancels concert

Megan Arns

Tim Duncan

Christian Laettner

Bobby Hurley

Michael Burritt

Eric Garcia

Annie Stevens

David Skidmore

Jake Nissly

Cory Hills

Chaconne - Bach

"Azure" - Michael Burritt

Will Hudgins

The Red Sox in 2004

John W. Parks IV

Herbie Hancock and Vinnie Colaiuta


Roots, Blues and BBQ

The Mavericks

Leon Bridges

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 57 - Brian Zator (Part 2)

Part 2 of “Brian Zator Gator Fest” arrives with a recollection of that PASIC dinner discussed in Part 1 (01:20), growing up near Houston (03:05), his golf game (now and then) (13:35), memories of the DCI Cavaliers (20:40), when Baylor allowed dancing on campus in the 1990s (24:10), his lack of bitterness in placing 2nd at the 1996 solo competition at DCI Championships (26:45), going to Baylor for undergrad and Larry Vanlandingham’s influence (29:25), studying in Japan with Keiko Abe after undergrad (35:10), food and travel in Japan (52:45), going to Michigan for his Master’s (01:00:00), getting yelled at by parents on his kids’ school board (01:16:00), and time for Random-Ass Questions (01:24:45).

Finishing with a rave on “The Turner House” (01:42:15).


Part 1

Lamar Burkhalter

Gregg Rinehart

Ralph Hicks

The Cavaliers' 1995 Planets show

Yakov Smirnov

Larry Vanlandingham

"La Llorona" - Brian Johnson

"Five Short Works for Solo Marimba" - Deane Gronemeier

Keiko Abe

Michael Udow

"Nyack" - David Friedman

"Wind in the Bamboo Grove" - Keiko Abe

Don Sinta

"Mirage" - Yasuo Sueyoshi

"Conversation" - Akira Miyoshi

"Torse III" - Akira Miyoshi

"The Song of Trees" - Keiko Abe

Michael Gould

Joe Gramley

Jonathan Ovalle

"Rosewood Dreaming" - Bill Cahn

"Marimba Spiritual" - Minoru Miki

Brian West

Dave Matthews Band

Symphony No. 3 - Aaron Copland

"Gonna Make You Sweat" - C+C Music Factory

"U Can't Touch This" - M.C. Hammer

"Last Dance" - Donna Summer

"The Twist" - Chubby Checker

All Pro Dad

America Ninja Warrior

Birdman trailer

"Thriller" - Michael Jackson


The Turner House - Angela Flournoy



Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 56 - Brian Zator (part 1)

The Prez is here!! Current Percussive Arts Society (PAS) President and Texas A&M-Commerce Percussion Professor Brian Zator joins me for Part 1 of our interview.  We get to how he got the Commerce job while also eventually doing his DMA at North Texas (03:15), becoming PAS President (21:00), being “Best in Class” (34:15), changes in membership levels for PAS (36:00), the role of Past Presidents (43:15), “Why didn’t I get picked for PASIC?!” (46:15), the influence of companies on the organization and Exhibit Hall Layout changes (49:15), taking a look at other college jobs (53:45), and the “rigorous” auditions to get into Commerce (01:02:30).

Finishing with a Rave on “Tickling Giants” (01:09:00)


Brian Zator's Homepage

Brian Zator's Texas A&M - Commerce page

Brian Zator's Innovative Percussion page

Michael Udow

Michael Gould

Brian West

Eric Willie

Minoru Miki

Mark Ford

Chris Deane

"The Glory and the Grandeur" - Russell Peck

Ed Smith

UNT's Keyboard Percussion Symposium

Sandi Rennick

Paul Rennick

Joshua Simonds

Lauren Vogel Weiss

Paul Buyer

Julie Hill

Tim Lautzenheiser

John R. Beck

National Treasure trailer

Chris Hanning

Nancy Zeltsman




Tickling Giants trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 55 - Tony Artimisi

Winston-Salem State University (NC) Chair of Liberal Studies and Professor of Percussion and Music Business Tony Artimisi talks about getting the job at WSSU while doing the doctorate at UNCG (01:45), the Music Business aspect of his workload (24:40), growing up in Collinsville, Illinois and learning from Johnny Lee Lane growing up (30:05), going to Eastern Illinois University for undergrad (45:10), starting work drumming in Nashville (49:40), meeting Ndugu Chancler (59:20), his senior recital at EIU (01:05:55), listening lessons with drummer Jim White (01:12:20), going to Tennessee State for grad school while doing session work (01:25:25), and dealing with Random-Ass Questions (01:31:55).

Finishing with a rave on The Big Sick and a PSA (01:42:45).


Tony Artimisi's WSSU page

Tony Artimisi's Mapex Drums page




Native Instruments



Cort McClaren

John R. Beck

Kris Keeton

Nathan Daughtrey

"Too Much Sugar For a Dime" - Henry Threadgill

"The Erlking" for spoken word and drumset - Tony Artimisi adapted

"To the Gods of Rhythm" - Nebojsa Zivkovic

"Rising Catharsis" - Tony Artimisi

David Nelson

Jeff Porcaro

All You Need to Know About the Music Business - Donald Passman

Tom Roady

Blake Fleming

"Back in Black" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" - AC/DC

Chris Tomlin

Johnny Lee Lane

Leon "Ndugu" Chancler

Ricky Burkhead

Joe Bonadio

Don Parker

Little River Band

"China Grove" - The Doobie Brothers

Bobby Jones Show

Tony Williams

Nashville Drummers Lunch

Soundcheck Studios Nashville

Vince Gill and Amy Grant

BET's 20th Anniversary

Alex Van Halen

Tommy Igoe

Julie Spencer

"Generally Spoken It is Nothing but Rhythm" - Nebojsa Zivkovic

"Dream of the Cherry Blossoms" - Keiko Abe

Michael Bump

Keith Carlock

Billy Ward


Jim Riley

Eddie Bayers

Jim White

Steve Smith

"The Sidewinder" - Lee Morgan

"Take the A Train" - Duke Ellington

Gene Lake

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony - Randy Waldman Trio (Colaiuta on drums)

"Rosanna" - Toto

John Sutton

Shannon Browne

"Beat It" and "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson

"Eruption" - Van Halen

Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer

Mystery Science Theater 3000


The Big Sick trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 54 - Alan Shinn

Longtime Texas Tech University Percussion Professor Alan Shinn talks about getting the Texas Tech job (03:25), being at one school for so long (15:50), growing up in Kansas City and Columbia, MO (21:05), playing football in 9th grade (27:30), playing in rock bands growing up (28:30), going to Mizzou for undergrad and the facility issues he dealt with (32:00), sports at Mizzou during his time there (49:55), getting his master’s at Texas Tech (56:25), some thoughts on some former students (01:11:45), and the Random-Ass Questions (01:20:00)

Finishing with a Rave on the Hit Parade and Revisionist History podcasts (01:36:55).


Alan Shinn's Texas Tech page

Allen Teel

Elijah - Mendelssohn

F. Michael Combs

Larry Rachleff

Keith Bearden

Lisa Rogers

Kent Drums

John Brophy

Claude Smith

Tim Lautzenheiser

Allan Beeson


Julia Gaines

Kevin Lepper

Norm Ruebling

"Ceremonial" - Paul Creston

Buddy Rich

David Garibaldi

Harvey Mason

"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock

"Saturday NIght" - Bay City Rollers

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Dan Devine

Gary Pinkel

"Ballad For the Dance" - Saul Goodman

Marimba Concerto - Robert Kurka

Josh Armstrong

Stephen Dunn

"Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson

"Hey Jude" - The Beatles

End of Abbey Road - The Beatles

Abe Laboriel Jr

"Slippin' Into Darkness" - War

This American Life


You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Sherman Alexie

George Saunders Commencement Speech

"Let it Be Told" - Julian Arguelles

"Feast" - Bill Douglas

"Rite of Spring" - The Bad Plus (Stravinsky)


Hit Parade Podcast: Charity Megasingle Edition

Revisionist History: The King of Tears


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 53 - Allen Teel

Abilene Christian University (TX) Percussion Professor Allen Teel talks about getting the job (2:40), getting students to come to ACU (25:35), teaching Kenyon Williams (33:40), growing up in Tulia, TX (37:30), playing basketball and working in a grocery store in high school (47:35), going to West Texas State for undergrad (57:30), adjusting the height on instruments before height-adjustment mechanisms (01:03:20), going to Texas Tech for his masters (01:10:10), doing the doctorate at the University of Georgia after teaching for a few years (01:17:55), interacting with the SNL band last November (01:25:40), and subjecting himself to Random-Ass Questions (01:29:35).

Finishing with a rave on “Dr. Strangelove”. (01:41:10).


Allen Teel's ACU Homepage

Alan Shinn

Ronald Brough

Stuart Marrs

Tony McCutchen

John Whitwell

Brian Zator

Ray Dillard

Gregg Koyle

Kenyon Williams

James Beckham

Max Roach

"and the mountains rising nowhere" - Joseph Schwantner

"Gazebo Dances" - John Corigliano

"Diversions for Flute and Marimba" - Peter Tanner

Concerto for Timpani and Brass Ensemble - William Kraft

Paul Smadbeck

Gordon Stout

Leigh Howard Stevens

Lisa Rogers

John Serry

Drum Gahu - David Locke

Valerie Naranjo

Lenny Pickett

Shawn Pelton

John W. Parks IV

A.I. Artificial Intelligence trailer

"September" and "Fantasy" - Earth, Wind and Fire

"Make Me Smile" - Chicago

The Bauhaus Movement


Dr. Strangelove trailer

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 52 - Edward White (rebroadcast)

In a special rebroadcast (from the summer of 2016), River City Drum Corps (KY) director Edward White talks about the beginnings of his group (00:01:45), growing up in Louisville (00:11:45), house building and house rehabilitation (00:20:30), post high school career (00:34:15), working as a commercial photographer (00:44:20), getting lost in the wrong town at the wrong time (00:54:30), and the present and future of RCDC (01:09:50).

Concludes with a tribute to Dick Gregory (01:27:05).


River City Drum Corps

Da' Ville Classic

Baile's African Drum Works

Service Merchandise

Boom Squad Drumline

Iroquois (KY) Amphitheater

Louisville Convention Center

Kentucky Center for the Arts

Kentucky Derby Festival

The SIAC (Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference)

Kentucky State Band

Clark Atlanta Band

Alabama A&M Band

Don Parker's Fayetteville State University page

Dick Sisto biography


Dick Gregory remembered

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 51 - Oliver Molina

Northwestern State University (LA) Percussion Professor Oliver Molina talks about getting the NSU job (01:40), growing up in California, Guam and Florida (19:45), trash-talking on the Bible Bowl circuit (32:30), going to UCF (University of Central Florida or "Under Construction Forever") for undergrad (36:40), running in the Disney World Marathon (40:40), getting his Masters at the University of Arkansas (59:20), working on his doctorate at the University of Iowa (01:08:55), the Iowa-Iowa State Rivalry (01:19:20), and finishing with Random-Ass Questions (01:24:45).

Finishing with a rave on the Hip Hop Classic “Jam On It” (01:46:00).


Oliver Molina's homepage

Oliver Molina's Remo page

John Pratt's Modern Contest Solos

Walking Down Coolidge - Joe Tompkins

Nancy - Emmanuel Sejourne

Katamiya - Emmanuel Sejourne

Brad Meyer

Northwestern State shocks Iowa in 2006 NCAAs

Bible Bowl

Jeff Moore

Thad Anderson

Anthony King

Joe W. Moore III

UCF Beats Baylor in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl

Variations for King George - William Kraft

Merlin - Andrew Thomas

Canned Heat - Eckhard Kopetzki

The States Medley - Bob Becker

Autumn Leaves - Leslie Odom, Jr.

Blue Bossa - Dexter Gordon

Soul Sauce - Cal Tjader

Chal Ragsdale

Dan Moore

Iowa-Iowa State rivalry


BIllie Jean and Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Daredevil on Netflix

Rattle and Hum - Casey Cangelosi

That Thing You Do Trailer

The New World trailer

Dumb & Dumber trailer

Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich


Jam On It - Newcleus


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 50 - Ricky Burkhead

Ole’ Miss Percussion Professor Ricky Burkhead talks about getting the Ole Miss job (02:20), going to school with Jerry Rice and the world of HBCU Classics (17:30), growing up in Greenwood (MS) and the music of the 1970s (20:30), playing in combos with local band directors (28:40), going to Mississippi Valley State University for undergrad (38:30), attending his first PASIC in NYC in the late 1970s (43:40), undergrad recitals (49:50), going to Eastern Illinois for his master’s (57:25), working at MVSU as his first job (01:09:50), racial issues in higher education and changes in Ole’ Miss’s history (01:17:00), the Mississippi-Mississippi State rivalry (01:26:30), and Random-Ass Questions (01:30:00).

Finishing with a tribute to the music of David Maslanka and Glen Campbell (01:41:00).


Ricky Burkhead's Ole Miss page

Ricky Burkhead's Homepage

Johnny Lee Lane

Ronald Vernon

"Steel Joy" - Ricky Burkhead

"Jamaica Farewell" - Harry Belafonte

"Yellow Bird" - Steel Band traditional

"March" - Elliot Carter

Military plane crash in MS in July 2017

Mike Bump

Drew Lang

Pedro Orey

Circle Clty Classic

Southern Heritage Classic

Roses Discount

"I Wish" and "Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder

"Can't Hide Love" - Earth, Wind and Fire

"Money Money Money" and "Give the People What The Want" - The O'Jays 

"Village Ghetto Land" - Stevie Wonder

"Three Camps" - Gardiner Strube

14 Modern Snare Solos - John Pratt


Modern School for Snare Drum - Morris Goldenberg

Modern Method for Timpani - Saul Goodman

Rob Carson

Frank Arsenault

Ralph Hardimon

Double Image

Leigh Howard Stevens

Gordon Stout

"B Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"C Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"Sonata For Timpani" - John H. Beck

"Concertino" - Paul Creston

"Just Flippin'" - Phil Kraus

"Monograph IV" - Richard Gipson

John Wooton

Sherman Hong

"Two Mexican Dances" - Gordon Stout

"Children's Songs" - Chick Corea

"Saeta" - Elliot Carter

Elvin Jones

Ed Saindon

"Art of Bop Drumming" - John Riley

Tony Williams

James Latimer

Glenn Schaft

Andy Narell

Cliff Alexis

Ellie Mannette

1962 Ole Miss football

Ghosts of Ole Miss

Dave trailer

Brooklyn trailer

Legend of Tarzan trailer

The Fifth Element trailer

"Dancing Machine" and "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" - The Jacksons

"Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Working Day and Night" - Michael Jackson

"Back in Black" - AC/DC

"I Can't Go For That" - Hall and Oates

From Motown to Off the Wall

Super Bowl IV

"Aja" - Steely Dan


"My Lady White" - David Maslanka

"Symphony No. 4" - David Maslanka

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me trailer

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" - Glen Campbell

Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 49 - Lance Drege

University of Oklahoma Percussion Professor Lance Drege talks about getting to OU (with a detour teaching high school flag corps) (01:50), nearly taking the University of Houston job 20 years ago (19:35), the pressure to continue the legacy of OU Percussion (27:25), growing up in Minot (ND) (45:55), growing up playing sports (53:20), going to SW Oklahoma State for undergrad (58:30), making his long-distance marriage work (01:13:00), and Random-Ass Question time (01:21:10).

Finishing with a rave on the PBS Documentary Latin Music, U.S.A. (01:36:00).


Lance Drege's OU Homepage

Cort McClaren

Richard Gipson

Lisa Rogers

Blake Wilkins

Brian Britt

"Portico" - Tom Gauger

"Palace of Nine Perfections" - Eric Ewazen

"The Night Watch" - Joseph Blaha

"Crown of Thorns" - David Maslanka

"Diabolic Variations" - Raymond Helble

Scott Cameron

Scott Harris

Todd Johnson

Staci Stokes-Waites

Julia Gaines

"Pines of Rome" - Otto Respighi

Joel Levine

"Sea Refractions" - Mitchell Peters

"Concertino for Marimba" - Paul Creston

"Percussion Concerto" - Darius Milhaud

"Divertimento for Marimba and Alto Sax" - Akira Yuyama

Karen Beres

"Log Cabin Blues" - G. H. Green

"Earth Song" - Michael Jackson

Miracle trailer

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou trailer

"This is the World" - David Maslanka


Latin Music U.S.A. trailer


Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 48 - Megan Arns 2017

University of Missouri Percussion Professor Dr. Megan Arns returns to talk about turning her position tenure-track (01:15), finishing her doctorate at Eastman in May (04:40), bringing on Will James to teach Orchestral Excerpts and Auditioning (13:15), personal relationships (18:10), self care and travel (20:20), and Random-Ass Question (27:00).

Finishing with a rave on the HBO Documentary The Defiant Ones (42:20).


Megan Arns' Episode 3 appearance

Will James

Michael Buritt

Jonathan Kuuskoski

Michael Bakan

"Sticking It Out" - Patti Niemi

Hidden Figures trailer

Oliver Mtukudzi - Jennifer Kiker

The Way We Eat - Peter Singer and Jim Mason

@ Percussion podcast


The Defiant Ones trailer