Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 105 - Brian Nozny

Troy University (AL) Lecturer of Percussion Brian Nozny stops to talk about his current percussion activities (02:25), how he got established in the Gulf Coast region and his affinity for video games (18:25), his North Dakota college job, living there, and why he left (33:45), his composition career (44:35), growing up near Albany (NY) and his love of Tool and Toto (49:05), going to Virginia Tech for undergrad (01:09:45), getting masters of music degrees at Miami and North Texas (01:20:10), getting his DMA at the University of Kentucky (01:36:40), and takes the time for some Random Ass Questions (01:46:50).

Finishing with a Rave on Spies Like Us (02:05:15).


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