Pete's Percussion Podcast: Episode 50 - Ricky Burkhead

Ole’ Miss Percussion Professor Ricky Burkhead talks about getting the Ole Miss job (02:20), going to school with Jerry Rice and the world of HBCU Classics (17:30), growing up in Greenwood (MS) and the music of the 1970s (20:30), playing in combos with local band directors (28:40), going to Mississippi Valley State University for undergrad (38:30), attending his first PASIC in NYC in the late 1970s (43:40), undergrad recitals (49:50), going to Eastern Illinois for his master’s (57:25), working at MVSU as his first job (01:09:50), racial issues in higher education and changes in Ole’ Miss’s history (01:17:00), the Mississippi-Mississippi State rivalry (01:26:30), and Random-Ass Questions (01:30:00).

Finishing with a tribute to the music of David Maslanka and Glen Campbell (01:41:00).


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Johnny Lee Lane

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"Steel Joy" - Ricky Burkhead

"Jamaica Farewell" - Harry Belafonte

"Yellow Bird" - Steel Band traditional

"March" - Elliot Carter

Military plane crash in MS in July 2017

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"I Wish" and "Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder

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"Money Money Money" and "Give the People What The Want" - The O'Jays 

"Village Ghetto Land" - Stevie Wonder

"Three Camps" - Gardiner Strube

14 Modern Snare Solos - John Pratt


Modern School for Snare Drum - Morris Goldenberg

Modern Method for Timpani - Saul Goodman

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Double Image

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Gordon Stout

"B Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"C Major Etude" - Clair Musser

"Sonata For Timpani" - John H. Beck

"Concertino" - Paul Creston

"Just Flippin'" - Phil Kraus

"Monograph IV" - Richard Gipson

John Wooton

Sherman Hong

"Two Mexican Dances" - Gordon Stout

"Children's Songs" - Chick Corea

"Saeta" - Elliot Carter

Elvin Jones

Ed Saindon

"Art of Bop Drumming" - John Riley

Tony Williams

James Latimer

Glenn Schaft

Andy Narell

Cliff Alexis

Ellie Mannette

1962 Ole Miss football

Ghosts of Ole Miss

Dave trailer

Brooklyn trailer

Legend of Tarzan trailer

The Fifth Element trailer

"Dancing Machine" and "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" - The Jacksons

"Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Working Day and Night" - Michael Jackson

"Back in Black" - AC/DC

"I Can't Go For That" - Hall and Oates

From Motown to Off the Wall

Super Bowl IV

"Aja" - Steely Dan


"My Lady White" - David Maslanka

"Symphony No. 4" - David Maslanka

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me trailer

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" - Glen Campbell